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  • Started 2 years ago by fnord
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    When I attended the Kansas City Pipe Show last month I met one of my sons afterwards for BBQ and some sightseeing. We ended up in Westport - one of my favorite stomping grounds when I was his age.

    This son prefers cigars and he took me to one of his favorite shops. It was pretentious and hipster douchey and the recently appointed pipe and pipe tobacco manager was trying to hustle renamed McClelland blends by reading description labels off the well aged, behind the counter glass jars.

    I had to ask him to stop reading to me. And at that point he admitted he'd only been smoking a pipe for a few months. "How often, bub?" "Oh, I don't know. Maybe once or twice a week."

    The upside: I strongly encouraged him to make several appointments with the McNeills for some remedial to 200 Level courses on pipe tobacco. He promised me he would and shortly after that I found a couple of excellent, discontinued IMCO pipe lighters (@ $13.00 ea.) that routinely sell for 25 bucks plus on the Bay. (Damned things are brutes and will take 24 to 36 months of hard use before the plastic parts wear out and either quit all together or turn into flame throwers.)

    It was a good day.


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