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Park Lane Trout Brook

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  1. hauntedmyst


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    It's easy to see why this is their best selling aro! They handed out samples of this at the Chicago show and wow, it is fantastic. It has that similar smoothness that 1Q has but has a richer, fuller flavor. Unlike many aromatics, this has a sweeter flavor to it. I think the topping is caramel or nougat. Whatever it is, it works. The bag note and room note is terrific. Highly recommended!

    Site description: Our best selling aromatic! Combines the smoothness of matured golden Virginia's with vanilla Cavendish and a special top dressing of a very distinctive but not over an overpowering flavor. Once you try it, you’ll just have to have more!

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  2. cortezattic


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    Thanks for the heads-up, John. There's yet another one I'll have to put on the list. I think I'm up to about 80 right now! LOL

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  3. python


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    Thanks for the review.

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