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Night Train and PS Virginia Long Cut

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  • Started 3 years ago by mustanggt
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  1. mustanggt


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    I posted about the PS Virginia before but I'm updating to say what it smokes best in. I get the most enjoyment and flavor out of a smaller billiard shaped pipe. I've smoked a dozen or so bowls of it and it is most enjoyable out of those shapes. I tried it out of my Ferndown Dublin which is my biggest bowl and it wasn't the same. The flavor didn't come through like in the smaller ones. Interesting eh? Now Night Train out of a Peterson Kinsale XL12 was outstanding in the flavor dept. I was knockedout by how good it tasted. I will try in other shapes and sizes to see if it's picky like the PS Virginia.

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    I think it's because pipes like the Ferndown (at least mine) have bowls of a wider diameter. This wider thing works great for English/Balkans and aromatics, but doesn't support the more subtle virginia flavors as well.

    My Group 4-5 pipes, with 3/4 or a bit smaller diameter bowls work best for virginias. I find that the best virginia burners are actually conical -- doesn't matter what shape, but most conicals are dublins or dublin variants.

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    I use PS VA Long Cut to break in pipes, especially ones for my Virginias Project. It leaves a wonderful smell in the bowl afterwards, and is a nice light ribbon on its own. I suspect it would be great to parfait or to blend with ropes and Tambolaka to tame them down a bit. I wonder if it is suitable for RYO, being almost a shag.


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