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New Robert McConnell and Charatan blends

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  • Started 5 months ago by Ali Alansari
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  1. alialansari

    Ali Alansari

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    Robert McConnell and Charatan have recently released a number of blends that are supposedly Dunhill replacements. Has anyone given them a try? If so, what are your opinions? Do they come close to the original Dunhill mixtures?

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  2. jiminks


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    There's quite a bit of discussion about them here: http://pipesmagazine.com/forums/topic/robert-mcconnell-heritagedunhill-blends

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  3. smudgersmissingleg


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    I've tried the Charatan Flake, Black Flake & Rolls.
    I never tried Dunhill flake (although I do have a few tins in the cellar) so I can't compare it to the Charatan version but I do know I liked it very much and found it a medium virginia with a slight lemon topping and a spicy flavour, I would add the caveat that my pallet isn't to the level of some on here who can taste this & that in a blend and write an informative review so please bear that in mind.
    The Charatan Rolls are not like DNR (which I tried a few tins of and loved) because they have a cavendish core so to me taste quite different but again I'm really enjoying them.
    The final one I'm trying is the Charatan Black Flake and this I'm not enjoying as much as the Dunhill original, I found Dark Flake had more flavour and the Charatan version is a little harsher and not as smooth. I really loved Dunhill Dark Flake so in my eyes the Charatan version had a lot to live up to and didn't quite reach the level of the Dunhill original but once again I still found it a solid enjoyable vaper that I will buy again.
    So in closing I enjoyed all 3 blends I tried and would definitely say that they are worth trying, although they vary in how close they are to the Dunhill originals to me they all taste like they are made with high quality leaf and I will definitely be buying some of each to cellar.


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  4. bazungu


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    I believe that at GQ you can order a complete set of samples of all the Charatan blends, it might be worth it to explore the range without committing yourself to full tins.

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  5. didache


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    I have a couple of tins of Charatan No 10 which is a match blend for Dunhill London Mixture. I rather like it and to my untutored tongue seems pretty close. I will have no problem in smoking it into the future.


    "Pipe-smokers spend so much time cleaning, filling and fooling with their pipes, they don't have time to get into mischief." - Bill Vaughan
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