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My Evening Double Topic: Driving Smokes and MacQueen Pipes

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  1. undecagon


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    I don't frequently smoke in the car. Mostly this used to be due to the fact that after a friend of mine smashed up MY car (in my driveway no less....sigh) I have been driving my parents' car. However, my parents' car has all but on paper become my car, and it is looking like we will be getting rid of it soon for an upgrade, so I am not really concerned w/ smell anymore. Also, I don't frequent my MacQueen. For those who haven't read my earlier posts on them, first know they are a site sponsor, and rightfully so as they do make sweet pipes. However, My personal experience was one of lost order, weeks without replies to emails, and a pipe that arrived with minor imperfections that I was dissapointed in (Stem not perfectly flush w/ shank/bowl, a few rough spots that should've been sanded better). However, the thing looks cool non the less, and smoking mechanics wise has no draw issues.

    SO - tonight I found myself in two rare circumstances, Driving and smoking AND smoking my MacQueen (I have the Ranger, BTW). And I found it quite enjoyable. Mostly because the churchwarden size, for me, was the best for driving smoking. I was able to leave my left elbow on my door armrest, and hold the pipe, and it reached my lips perfectly. Something about the perfect fit of armrest to arm to pipe to face just made everything seem wonderful. I was enjoying some Haddo's Delight (on my way to buy a Padron 2000) and it just felt like that was the pipe I should be smoking at that moment. It also got me thinking about other's driving/smoking habits. And I know there are other driving threads, but I liked my story enough for a new one

    So, Matches or Lighter? I will always use matches if I can, but bring the lighter in the car. However, even tho my pipe zippo is sitting in the passenger seat, I still find myself pulling the matches from my pocket and tossing them out the window. Since using matches seems to work, I just don't see a reason to reach for the lighter.

    Also, Windows? I always sort of thought everyone would have to have a window open or else it'd get crazy smoggy, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyone lock themselves up w/ the fumes? I like to keep my driver window cracked w/ one of my heat blowers aimed out the window to help push it out and keep the car clear.

    So - thoughts appreciated. Questions welcome. But I really just wanted to share my story of my enjoyable smoke tonight

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  2. judcole


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    Glad you had a nice smoke.
    I always crack the window at least a bit when I drive and smoke - of course, depending on the weather, it may be more than a bit.
    I am a matches guy, but would not dream of throwing them out the window. I have an old flake tin that fits very nicely in a good spot, and that serves as my ash tray.

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  3. olderthandirt


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    I still find myself pulling the matches from my pocket and tossing them out the window.

    Yep, usually crack the window a bit when driving.
    This is only to allow the smoke to pass mind. Nothing else goes out the window, there's a principle in there somewhere...

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    Brian from Oregon USA
    Posted 7 years ago #


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