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Please Look before you post your new thread!

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  1. bubbadreier


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    Hey guys this is just a heads up. Lawrence and I have had to move a bunch of threads to their proper sections in the forums. It kinda clutters up the General Pipe Smoking Discussion section when every thread get posted there and it makes it hard to find a thread if it isn't in the proper place. So I am going to go through how you are supposed to do this for those of you who might not know!

    When you decide to create a new thread you have two different ways you can do this.

    1st - You can Click the "Add New" topic button at the top of the forum's home screen to create your new thread. (see picture below)

    If you choose to do it this way you have to select which of the sections you want to post it to. (again see picture below)

    Once you have written your post and added your title, you have to then decide which thread it goes into before you publish the thread!

    2nd - You can skip that whole process and just find the section that you would like to post in.

    Once you are in the section that you want just click the "Add New" topic button at the top.

    And it will bring up the form for you to fill out! Notice that if you do option number 2 it is missing the box to place it in the right section, because you should already be in the right section.

    Alright guys I hope this helps some of you out!

    Mason jars and bale top jars, mason jars and bale top jars.... that is all!

    "There’s truth in the statement that pipe tobacco will never be any less expensive than it is today, so think of your cellar as a cost averaged investment" - G.L. Pease
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  2. admin


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    Thanks Bubba!

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    Posted 4 years ago #

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