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Just a Little Dissapointed

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  • Started 3 years ago by joshwolftree
  • Latest reply from flyguy
  1. joshwolftree


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    So a friend I haven't seen in a while stopped by the other day and we exchanged Christmas gifts. They had picked up a tin of Dunhill Nightcap for me. Well, I had heard so much about this blend I really wanted to try it and had planned on picking up a tin with my next order.

    Opening the tin I new the reviews weren't lying it smelled spicy, it smelled great. The charring light told me I'd like this pipes flavor, it had just the right kick to it. Once it was lit I found myself enjoying the interplay of spicy and smooth the blend brings to the table. This stuff tastes amazing!

    But I'm not gonna lie, From all the reviews and comments on it I expected more out of the nicotine. Too be completely honest reading on it intimidated me a bit about Nicotine levels. I half expected for the smoke to form a pure nicotine fist and just start punching my face in any moment. But it wasn't that much, I didn't really feel it. Now granted my pipes replaced my nails one for one, so, I may have a slightly high nicotine tolerance.

    All in all it's a good blend, the taste is awesome, the room and mustache notes are, while not exactly pleasant, not nearly as potent as some of my other regular blends. The nicotine level is all right, if your a slave to the Yellow Fingered Lady it'll do you right for your fix, but it's not quite the beast it sounds like,certainly no worse than two or three nails in the same period of time.

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    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. mikephillips


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    I never thought the nicotine hit was anything major with Nightcap, smoked it for years and never got the sweats or dizzy. I think some people tend to overestimate their nicotine tolerance when reviewing tobaccos. I've seen relatively mild tobaccos reviewed as very strong by some reviewers. That's also why I try not to say much about the strength of a tobacco when trying to describe it to someone else. My all-day smokes tend to be a bit on the strong side, and I haven't had a tobacco seem overpoweringly strong in years.

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    I don't smoke many Englishes anymore, but IIRC, Nightcap wasn't a huge nicotine hit for me, either. As you say, it's still a good English blend though, with lots of flavor. Come to think of it, the tobaccos in Nightcap that produce much of those flavors aren't known to be heavy hitters in nicotine, IMO.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. captainsousie


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    It's got a bit of a kick for a lightweight like me and it can sneak up on you but, for me, it's not the nic sledgehammer that some seem to experience.

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    Posted 3 years ago #
  5. admin


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    I'd like to suggest that you not make a final judgement based on smoking one bowl.

    There have been many times in the past that I have smoked what was supposed to be a nicotine-heavy blend, and I thought, "what the heck? I didn't feel anything!" Then I smoke it later and I'm on the floor with the room spinning.

    There are so many variables with body chemistry, what you ate or didn't eat, vitamins or other supplements you may have taken, and a whole bunch of other stuff that affects how the nicotine is absorbed into your body, or not.

    The same thing happened to me the first time I smoked Nightcap, but later bowls had me feeling the nicotine a little more.

    Everyone has the same variables going on too. Someone may have smoked it when their body chemistry was such that they absorbed a lot of nicotine and thus described it appropriately for their own personal experience.

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    Posted 3 years ago #
  6. dottle


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    I understand,I often smoke nightcap first thing in the morning,not to much nic for me either.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  7. taerin


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    Nightcap floors me, I had to trade mine away because after a couple of puffs I would be puking my guts out with the whole world spinning around me...

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    Posted 3 years ago #
  8. flyguy


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    The first time I smoked Nightcap it gave me the spins. I have since developed a taste for medium to strong blends. Now when I smoke Nightcap the nic hit seems average. It's all about what your accustomed to.
    I noticed that when I was young I was more sensitive to stronger tastes and could only smoke mild blends. I guess I have finally arrived at being a full-fledged codger! Maybe someday I will be able to tolerate 1792.

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    Posted 3 years ago #


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