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How to Post Photos To A Thread

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  • Started 2 years ago by jpmcwjr
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    To simplify posting of photos across a number of sites that host pictures, I am hoping the following will work and can be used. Please add any thoughts, comments, corrections.
    I've left out instructions on how to copy links from the hosting sites, as they are all somewhat different, and it's easy to confuse a new user. Old hands will want to stick to their tried and true methods, but the following SEEMS to work across all sites:

    Once your photos are on a photo hosting site (such as Imgur.com; Photobucket; Postimage; Dropbox, etc.), or on virtually any site, select the full image, then Control-click (Mac) or Right-click (Windows) on the image itself, then choose copy image location. Now paste that URL (the full web address, which should end in .jpg) into the IMG box in the reply window of the thread you're posting to.

    LINK to photo test page

    In this example, which can be done for virtually any picture on a web page (saved protected pictures), I've "right-clicked" on the image,and chosen "view Image info", as you can see highlighted.

    That brings up this information, you will highlight and copy the location URL, which is then posted into a thread using the IMG function, as described above.

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