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How to make a Nautilus Pipe

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  • Started 5 months ago by eduardovieira
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  1. eduardovieira


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    Hello my friends, this is my new creation.
    In this pipe I used black wood and silver filigree.
    Attention to detail, inside the black wood is ebonite and in the shank extension is carbon fiber.
    It was the way I found to not pass flavor from black wood to tobacco.

    I hope you enjoy the vídeo…

    How to make a Nautilus pipe

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    Posted 5 months ago #
  2. olkofri


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    Nice job.

    I see there's lots of polishing of the plastic material involved; but I wonder, how do you attain the same smooth finish in the lux of the stem?

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    Posted 5 months ago #
  3. ashdigger


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    Nice job on the video and pipe.

    Ubi Ignis Est?
    Posted 5 months ago #


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