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How Dry is Too Dry?

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  • Started 2 years ago by sherlock
  • Latest reply from loneredtree
  1. sherlock


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    I have had to take a little break from smoking (6 Months ) because of a new baby and other priorities. Luckily the baby is older and I have more time to enjoy smoking again. This morning I did a little inventory of my tobaccos and found that a few of the, were drier than I had expected. I decided to try a tin of Squadron Leader that had dried out and it smoked ok, but I feel like it lost a little bit of flavor. Has anyone else had this experience or do I just need to re aclimate my pallet? It not so dry it crumbles, but it is dry enough that I can feel it crunch. Also how dry do you smoke your tobacco? Maybe I have been doing it wrong all along.

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  2. mikephillips


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    I smoke my tobacco pretty dry, burns better (if a tad hotter), cuts down on relights, and doesn't bite nearly as bad. If it doesn't crumble, it should be OK. Best way to decide is to dampen it a little and try again, see whether it smokes nicer or not.

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  3. nsfisher


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    I purposely dry mine until it is almost crispy.

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  4. loneredtree


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    I recently picked up some tobacco that was 40+ years old.
    The tin of white burley shown on the right was bone dry.

    I loaded it up and put the match to it. Smoked fine to the bottom. My first burley. It was sweet and nutty. I did humidify it some for a second bowl. Not as good as dry and it produced more of a negative feeling on my pallet. I did like the taste of this "new " tobac.

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