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Great Profile of Dan Chlebove from P&C and Gabrieli Pipes

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  • Started 1 year ago by Kevin Godbee
  • Latest reply from indianafrank
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    Kevin Godbee

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    A. Miller did a great write-up that is quite an interesting read!

    Unsung Heroes Dan Chlebove from Pipes and Cigars and Gabrieli Pipes

    Check Out Our - Pipes Podcast
    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. woodsroad


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    A wonderful profile! Dan is a great pipemaker who has been a secret for far too long.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. cosmicfolklore


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    Dan and I keep up on social media, and he is the nicest guy to talk with. Just a super friend.
    I have three of his pipes, and I wouldn't ever let any of them go. They are my favorite smokers. He knows his stuff when it comes to pipemaking and pipes.

    Great read!!! Check it out guys!! Our own bluesmk!!!

    Posted 1 year ago #
  4. jpmcwjr


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    Dan's the man!

    I know that you believe you understood what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    Posted 1 year ago #
  5. indianafrank


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    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    I don't know where I'm going...but sooner or later I'll get there.
    Posted 1 year ago #


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