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Got a Deal on Rossis (Pic Heavy)

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  1. haparnold


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    If there's one thing I hated when I first started in this hobby about a decade ago, it was rusticated pipes. Don't ask me why, but I never saw one I liked. Well, as we say, tastes change, and I'm now almost exclusively drawn to sandblasted/rusticated pipes. I have, however, been attracted to Savinelli's shape 122 from the get-go, but somehow never got around to picking one up until now.

    I never really considered Rossi pipes before, but I love a good bargain, and MSO and others have spoken favorably of them in several posts on here. So, when SPC had a sale on pipes earlier this month, I picked up 2 Rossi Vittorias (shapes 8122 and 8804) for under $40 each.

    I haven't smoked either yet, but they look great, don't feel remotely 'cheap', and the drilling seems spot-on. I'm going to start running some smoke through them tomorrow evening, and I can't wait to give a full report.

    They both have a nice craggy black rustication, well-formed buttons, and good mortise-and-tenon fit.

    Here's the drilling of the draft hole on the 8804:

    And the mortise:

    And the drilling on the 8122:

    As you may have guessed from the photos, my stovetop/kitchen counter has the best lighting in my house on cloudy days...

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    Posted 10 months ago #
  2. jpmcwjr


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    The Canadian is very handsome.

    I know that you believe you understood what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
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  3. jravenwood


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    The 122 is my favorite shape for flakes, good buys!

    "It is quite a three pipe problem..."
    Posted 10 months ago #
  4. mso489


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    hap', thanks for the mention. I really like my Vittoria prince, and I admire your getting the 122; I have the 122 in another series and it is an excellent broad-bowled pipe for more complex blends. When Rossi's first came out, they were a little rough on finish, but when I bought mine and today, they're fine pipes. I also have a Rossi Palermo zulu.

    Posted 10 months ago #


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