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GLP Triple Play Fresh vs 5 Year Old

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  • Started 1 year ago by prairiedruid
  • Latest reply from derfargin
  1. prairiedruid


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    Having the good fortune of picking up a 5 year old tin from Pipestud I thought I'd post some notes comparing it to fresh.

    Fresh: Definitely can taste the dark fire with the peppery perique that comes off a bit harsh. The virginias are in the back ground as a little hay like and not sweet. Taste varies throughout the bowl, sometimes more dark fired and sometimes very peppery from the perique. Strong, definitely an after dinner smoke.

    Aged: WOW. A much smoother smoke than the fresh. The perique is more raisiny and less peppery. The dark fire is not as strong and blends with the virginas to add molasses sweetness. A much more balanced smoke with the flavors merging and more consistent throughout the smoke. Still plenty of vitamin N but doesn't seem to hammer me like the fresh does. No harshness at all and definitely a 4 star experience.

    I'm going to put some tins of this to the back of the cellar because aging really turns this blend into a gem.

    I used a MM bent diplomat for this review.

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  2. cortezattic


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    Excellent post!
    Almost everyone wonders about the changes that ageing brings about -- especially with GLP's blends, which he claims are created with this in mind. Thanks for a good review.

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    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. badger


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    I had the good fortune to purchase a tin with 5 years on it from my local B&M a few years back. I was struck by how sweet and smooth it was for being a rather powerful smoke. A very nice combination. I've never tried it fresh so I'm glad to have your observations.

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    Agreed excellent post.....these aged v new reviews really help me to decide what I want to cellar.....which is important when I am paying about $12 an oz after customs and import duty and Vat and import vat....my god the list is endless......

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  5. mso489


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    I enjoyed a tin of Triple Play several years ago, and I believe the tin was somewhat fresh. I liked it that way. I don't remember it being harsh or edgy, just toward fuller strength and nicely balanced. I can see how some age would make it more mellow and subtle; it sounds excellent.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  6. derfargin


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    I'm a big fan of Triple Play. It's the second most stocked blend in my cellar next to Gaslight.

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