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GLP & C&D Blends

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  • Started 2 years ago by eaglerico
  • Latest reply from undecagon
  1. eaglerico


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    Can you guys tell me some GLP and C&D blends that fall into the Aero or more into VA/aero blends. There are so many I am just tired of searching. No or very very little Latakia.

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  2. captainbob


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    I suggest the Two Friends Heritage Blend by GLP and C&D. It is a Virginia Medley with a very light aromatic to bring out the sweetness of the Virginia. No Latakia.

    I also recommend a light English aromatic with just a pinch of Latakia. Kind of like the way I use pepper on eggs. Just enough to know it is there, but no one but you will know it. A fine aromatic women love and the tobacco taste is there for you. It is the blend I created with the late Craig Tarler of C&D and it is pictured below. Here is a link to it.: http://pipesandcigars.com/coditincabob.html or at the C&D website here: http://www.cornellanddiehl.com/aromatic_blends.htm Just scroll down the page near the bottom for Aromatics Containing Latakia.

    Both blends should be readily available from http://www.pipesandcigars.com or from C&D direct at http://www.cornellanddiehl.com.

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  3. rmbittner


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    You won't find a standard GLPease-branded aromatic; he has said that he really doesn't smoke them and doesn't (at least, at this point) have any desire to blend them. I think the closest you can get would be one of his blends that include a rum component, such as Navigator, a navy-flake style Virginia.

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  4. undecagon


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    Haddo's Delight! No Latakia, very sweet and also peppery. Definitely fruity, and has some rum. Virginia, Cavendish, Burley and Perique. This stuff is great!

    "I said NO camels, that's FIVE camels...can't you count?!"
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