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Gifts from the In-Laws

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  1. alex87


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    So the In-Laws just came back from a cruise and among lots of jewelry and clothes for the wife they brought me back a few treasures.

    I hadn't asked them to look for baccy because i didn't think they would have time to go searching for me, but they managed to dig some up.

    Along with a large 12 year bottle of Glenlivet, they brought back a pouch each of Paladin Black Cherry and Middleton's Gold & Mild.

    They said they paid almost nothing for them and had no idea if they were any good. I laughed and said we'll see haha...

    After a quick intertube search i found some mixed reviews on the Black Cherry (most not too favourable), but nothing on the Middleton's. I understand the Black Cherry isn't to everyones taste, and as a still new smoker i'll give her a shot with no pretense (expect a somewhat newbish review in the near future).

    The Middleton's intregues me though. It claims "Golden Cavandish" so we'll see how it turns out.

    I jarred them both this morning and will dip into one later. I know these are low end OTC's but i am actually looking forward to trying some new things...

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  2. pstlpkr


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    Hey Alex.... don't dismiss the Paladin.
    I just finished two pouches in the last couple of weeks.
    It is what it is....
    Here's a review I wrote a while back:
    Paladin Black Cherry

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