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Getting Started Again

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  • Started 2 years ago by adamthepiper
  • Latest reply from osuilleabhain
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    Now that I'm considering getting back into pipe smoking I need to find a pipe. The problem is that there aren't any cigar shops anywhere near me that I could go pick up a pipe. Do yall have any suggestions for websites I could buy a new pipe/estate pipe for not too much money? Any brands in particular?

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  2. thuber88


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    Whole lot of choices on Ebay. Pretty sure we all shop there off and on, Ive gotten two nice ones sofar
    Hear about Etsy, havent bought anything there yet.

    Welcome. and good luck, keep us posted

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  3. cortezattic


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    Welcome to the forums, Adam.
    SmokingPipes.com has a nice selection of new and used pipes.
    I would recommend a pipe smoking starter kit because it will have the basics you need for the pastime.

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    as if I could kill time without injuring eternity. -- Thoreau
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    Congratulations on your decision!

    I'd go with a ready-to-smoke, restored estate pipe. You get twice the pipe for a lot less coin.

    Dave Neeb has a few "$50 or less" pipes up, here: http://www.mkelaw-pipes.com/html/specials.html

    Mike at Briar Blues has a $65 Willmer "Bing" here: http://briarblues.com/mdp12.htm

    Don Seatter has a large selection of restored estate pipes, starting at $27, here: http://www.jamesislandpiper.com/store.php?seller=JamesIslandPiper&navt1=110812&sort=price&per=5&grid=

    You cal also get a brand new "Tsuge" for about half price ($50-$67.50) here: http://www.smokingpipes.com/pipes/new/tsuge/index.cfm

    If you can't decide, I'd go with a Tsuge -- it's a stellar brand and a pipe you'll never regret owning.

    Good luck and let us know which pipe you choose

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    I've just returned to pipe smoking myself & have luckily done very nicely with quality estate pipes from ebay. I won't even consider a purchase from anyone w/ less than 99 - 100% feedback rating. A few online tobacco stores sell nice estate pipes too, I think a few were already mentioned. Happy Smoking!

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