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Germain's Stonehaven Alternative

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  • Started 1 year ago by rmbittner
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  1. rmbittner


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    I've posted this at the end of another long thread, but thought it might be useful to repost here, since I'm going in a slightly different direction from that earlier discussion.

    For anyone who is looking for a blend very close to Stonehaven, I've just discovered this one: Germain's Rich Dark Flake. Germain/Esoterica say it is the closest thing to Stonehaven you can find.

    Here's the less-than-good news: It is not sold in the United States. I did find a UK retailer (link below), but there is a note at the bottom of their page stating that, due to credit-card restrictions, they cannot sell tobacco to the U.S. using credit cards. I'm not sure what work-arounds there might be, but they do supply an e-mail address for inquiries. It sounds like they're willing to come up with alternative forms of payment. I've e-mailed them about this and will report back what I find out.

    It's also worth pointing out that going this route won't be cheap. Rich Dark Flake is only available in bulk, and prices are listed here: http://www.mysmokingshop.co.uk/index2.php?mod=mancats&sec=2464&man=325.

    I realize this isn't like pointing you to a C&D or McClelland blend that is identical. But it's an option, if you're really really motivated to try a near-equivalent.


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  2. samcoffeeman


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    You can get it at gauntley's also. I figured out for 100g with shipping included, GBP 21.44 or $33.95 USD. I recently tried some Stonehaven and it was a bit on the heavy side for me.

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