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Finally Got a Clay!

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  • Started 6 years ago by undecagon
  • Latest reply from undermidnight
  1. undecagon


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    Ordered Combo #7, Sherlock and Pirate . Should ship out in a day or two. I'm pretty excited. One will be for my friend's birthday and the other, myself. I may let him pick, but right now I'm leaning towards just giving him the pirate one since I think I like the straight one better!

    Anyone else have a pipeshoppe.com clay? The price makes me think this was a huge bargain. Also, anything I need to know clay pipe wise? All I've got are briars, cobs, and my MacQueen -- I hear talk of dipping the ends of clays in things and other business I've never had to worry about before. I assume, however, it'll work fine if I just load it up and smoke. Although, cleaning...do you want a cake on a clay? If not, what do you do to stop that from building?

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  2. antipodesman


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    You'll be in for a big surprise if you put a bare clay stem in your mouth. The clay binds with the lining of your mouth or tongue and you'll loose some skin.

    Other than that you don't need to worry about cake. If you want a white pipe just put it in the fireplace fire or in the oven at high temperature and you'll shortly have a white pipe again. I prefer mine to show a bit of grime.

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    Leider ist mein Englisch nicht so gut. Ich stelle Keramikpfeifen her. Wenn ihr Fragen habt.

    Euer André

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  4. joshwolftree


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    To save others a trip to google translate, andr above writes:

    Sorry, my English is not so good. I make ceramic pipes. If you have any questions.
    (link to nonexistant page)
    (signature line)

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  5. taerin


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    I wax my clay like a meer, keeps it from sticking to my mouth, discoloring my lips, and smokes really well. It's my short smoke pipe due to the tiny bowl (pirate one).

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  6. undermidnight


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    I picked a couple short tavern type pipes for Christmas presents. One for my dad and one for my wife's uncle.


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