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DTM - Treasures of Ireland: Limerick

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    Hello everybody,
    today I got to smoke my first bowls of Dan Pipes "Treasures of Ireland - Limerick" and was so impressed by the bakky, that I had to share my thoughts with you guys.

    Treasures of Ireland isn't a brand, it's a blend-line of DTM by Dan Pipe.

    A rich Virginia tobacco with 5% Perique added to keep the mixture cool on the palate. A dark, smooth, wonderful flake tobacco.

    Treasures of Ireland Limerick - Truly a treasure.

    First impressions and smell:
    Taking a sniff reveals it's sparkling, refreshing nature. Fine aromas of grass, citrus, dried-fruits - and a hint of cocoa or chocolate - the tin note is seductive. It's mostly grassy in smell, with hints of dried-fruits like figs, raisins and maybe plum. In the back a chocolaty scent is hiding. I guess there's some sort of topping or casing, which I can't identifiy clearly. It's a bit sweetish, with hints of chocolate, honey and almonds.

    The tobacco comes in faultless condition and is easy to pack and light.

    The taste takes me to another place. I imagine walking through a field of grass, when it has just rained, smelling the flowers that mother nature granted, whilst eating some sweetish, juicy fruits!

    Limerick's taste is very grassy, with a very pleasing fruit-note that's more in the back and a decent spice and tanginess. The tanginess and spiciness isn't very present, yet it is noticeable and is an important component that refines the taste excellently. A bit tingling in the mouth-feel. Perique is more in the back, and delivers only a whiff of pepper and dried-fruits (figs, plums, raisins). The taste is accompanied by a flavouring reminding of chocolate, honey and almonds thats lurking in the back. Almost a hint of malt to be noticed. Very subtle, yet noticeable and palatable. The flavouring promotes the Irish-Flair of this tobacco. All components - the Virgina, the Perique and the casing/topping melt to a distinctive smoke, that is very fine in tate and refreshing.

    Even tho it's certainly cased/topped with a flavouring the whole smoking experience gives me a natural feeling, of actually being in nature. Huge fields of citrusish grass, lots of flowers and heavenly sweetish fruits. Always in contrast with the spiciness and tanginess.

    Also for a Va/Per (with only 5% of Perique in it) I find it to be pretty strong!

    This must've been one of the best experiences with Va/Pers and pipe tobacco in general, due to it's uniqueness and refreshing taste.
    A tobacco that excites and inspries!
    I'm surely getting more of this, and highly recommend it to any smoker who think this might be their alley.

    Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. You can also find it on TobaccoReviewsDotCom



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    Herr Deniz, Thank you for your interesting review again, I shall keep this in mind when I'm planning on my next order, Greets, Paul

    Paul The Scandinavian'
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  3. wyfbane


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    It is in my top 3 favorite Dan tobaccos, with Hamburger Veermeister and Devil's Holiday. Tragically, they have stopped importing the 500g bags. We are stuck paying for tins, which aren't cheap.

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