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Cube Cut To-Go

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  1. jtaggie320


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    I've been enjoying Solani's ABF A LOT recently. I've also found that for me this blend smokes best when cube cut. I'm constantly on the go and smoking probably 90% of my bowls while driving. My thought was that I could pre-cut enough flakes to keep me happy for a few days and throw them back in the original tin or a ziplock to-go. Has anyone ever tried this? Packing and lighting a bowl while driving is irresponsible enough of me....I didn't want to throw scissors into the mix. I can't see there being any effect on the tobacco over a short period of time. You guys have any thoughts?

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  2. pstlpkr


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    The only draw back could be over-drying...
    But, other than that sounds like DGT.....
    Delayed Gratification Technique, only in a new form.

    I would use a roll up tobacco pouch or a zip-lock.
    Just to keep the moisture under control and to facilitate ease of packing.

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  3. spyder71


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    I cube cut all my ODF when I open the tin, then into a ball jar it goes. I have taken several bowls worth in a snack sized zip-loc when on the go. Works great for me

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  4. bentmike


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    I've got a small screw top metal tin that holds about two bowls worth of cube cut flakes. Works great when I'm on the go.

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  5. dragonslayer


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    I agree with bent. I don't travel with cut cubes, but using a small tin container with it's lineing and top carboard would keep them from bouncing around and breaking up.

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    It's been my experience that both ABF and ODF actually improve after a week or a bit longer in the opened tin and over drying has not been an issue.

    I think you'd be fine with a couple days' worth of cube cut ABF and unless you are tossing that tin around, the cubes should hold together.

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