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Cross Eyed Cricket

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  1. piperl12


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    I have been looking for a pipe for a while now that I can smoke Cross Eyed Cricket in. Some hate the stuff I find it has interesting nuances as you smoke through a bowl. The problem however, or problems is two much of a good thing is not a good thing so a larg bowl pipe is too much cricket at once. The other issue is this tobacco ghosts your pipe horribly. Now the obvious option is to use a corn cob pipe but honestly I have so many briars that aren't part of my rotation that it seems a shame. So today I dug out my little Peterson 317 and tried the pairing. Wow this was a great move. This little pipe does a great job of concentrating the flavors and really brings out the different flavors. Totally different than I would expect. I always thought a larger bowl pipe would do a better job of bringing out flavours. Anyone have a similar experiance?

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    I made a mistake that my first bowl of Bayou Morning Flake was a very long session. After about an hour of what seemed like a mild smoke, I tried to stand up. This was the only time I ever got dizzy from a pipe. I did however eventually finish the tin using either small pipes or half-filled mediums. I discovered Perique can sneak up on you. Live and learn.

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    I find a larger diameter bowl brings out flavors of aromatics and some English blends, regardless of how deep the bowl is.

    Smaller bowls are good for a short smoke. The cricket is a complicated smoke so it seems to make sense that a small amount of it is enough. I would thinkn that smoking any tobacco with powerful strength and/or flavors in a smallish bowl makes total sense.

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