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Cleaning Morta Pipe with Bamboo Stem

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    I am using with great success the method described in other threads of cleaning clay and briar pipes with running hot water. Now the issue comes up as I have a new morta pipe with a bamboo stem. I am thinking to use also here running hot water for cleaning but I want to make sure I am not making a mistake. For the morta I think there should be no problem as it actually stayed for thousands of years submersed in water. For the bamboo stem I think it should be probably also ok also but I am not 100% sure. Any experience or thoughts?

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    I personally in my own ignorance would be concerned about mold developing in a bamboo shank...that is, unless there is a steel tube running through it like I've seen in some pipes. Although, I would imagine that regular smoking would produce a comparable amount of moisture for some, and since my bare bamboo shanked pipe has never molded, perhaps that means water would be just fine, as long as it is allowed to dry properly. There are certainly people here who can answer authoritatively.

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    I make a lot of bamboo and Morta pipes and I would never run hot water into either. Morta is not briar- it’s more of a mineralized oak and still has a lot of the grain characteristices of oak. Bamboo will definitely soak up water...Stick with Everclear....

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