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changing blend types.

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  • Started 1 month ago by bullet08
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    i keep 3 tins open most of the time. actually have 10 jars open, but i noticed i don't smoke most of them. so it's one va or va/per and two english/balkan. i haven't smoked current va/per in few weeks. few days ago, loaded up one of my pipes with va/per and didn't get any taste out of it. next day it was better, and 3rd day, i finally got the taste of that va/per. the taste was back, but some how muted. i remember when i started current english/balkan blends having the same issue. is it normal for my taste buds to take couple/few days to reset?

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    Yes, that’s normal. Rotating types of blends will probably help. VA one day, Balkan the next...

    Goo Goo g’joob
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    Are you smoking both English and vaper out of the same pipes? If so you might want to dedicate your pipes so you have no ghosting to deal with.

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    I rotate blends pretty frequently, with a balken one day, a vaper the next and a mild va/bur/cavindish the next. If I find I cant get the flavor I want from either one, I take a day or two break. I would suggest taking a few days off pipe smoking all together, it resets the palate and let's all those subtle flavors come back to you.

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