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Carey's Black Twist Tobacco 50g (sliced)

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  • Started 2 years ago by oldmansmoking
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    This is a review on E A Carey's Black Twist Tobacco 50g (sliced) but before I get onto this just a few things which I have to get off my chest.
    1. Note to E A Carey, when your brands are temporary out of stock don’t take them off the website just list them as “unable to order temporary out of stock”.
    2. I think the world is going mad (or madder than it was) it seams we can not call a tobacco “Mixed Coconut” we have to call it “Desert Island Mix”!
    3. With all the new rules around it seams a lot of tobacco’s are being withdrawn. What’s the future of pipe smoking?

    Well onto my review with a particular note to 1. above. I went on
    E A Carey’s website to order some more tobacco and knowing that they have reduced their own brands to 15 Carey’s private blends and 6 boutique blends, quite radical, and all due to the new EU regulations so I am led to believe.
    I noted that Black Twist Tobacco 50g (sliced) was no longer on their website at all. I emailed Jenny at E A Carey’s to ask if it would be coming back on line and while waiting looked into alternative tobacco from other suppliers which could offer a strong dark nicotine laced taste.
    Several on this website suggested Peterson Irish Flake as one, Gawith and Hoggarth Dark Birdseye as another and Samuel Gawith 1792. I decided to buy Peterson Irish Flake as it had good reviews and was reduced by E A Carey’s by 50p due to some old stock thing, not totally sure the reason I had an email saying new tin design coming in soon and wanting to clear old stock, but have deleted it long ago. I like it but am not blown away by it, for a Peterson it’s not bad I have very much enjoyed their 2015 and 2016 christmas editions limited which I get from Havana House curtsy of Santa (my Wife). I believe like some pipe reviewers that the “not for the inexperienced” refers to the subtle pipe tastes rather than the nicotine in the tobacco of Irish Flake. I have bought more but it’s not a patch on E A Carey’s Black Twist Tobacco 50g (sliced.

    This tobacco will blow your mind, the world will speed up and you’re going to have to sit down. It’s the strongest tobacco I have ever smoked. It tastes of rich molasses, prunes, strong black coffee, liquorish and a subtle chocolate taste. I truly believe it’s an undiscovered gem in the pipe smoking community. There’s been hardly any reviews on it. In fact E A Carey’s own blends don’t seam to have many reviews outside their website. I costs £14.30 UK pounds as of today’s prices 14 May 2017. I feel you should try it, I think it’s a lot better than Irish Flake by miles. And yes its back on their website to order. E A Carey’s take world wide orders so those in the good USA could order on line. I look forward to your comments on this first class tobacco. My other E A Carey tobacco is the renamed Mixed Coconut “Desert Island Mix”!
    Until next time “oldmansmoking”

    A pipe is the fountain of contemplation, the source of pleasure, the companion of the wise ☪️
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