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Beginner Guide Suggestion

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    I want to start out saying I have just started smoking a pipe last week and have learned a lot about the hobby from this site/forums. I have participate in a lot of different hobbies from cigars-RC cars and have found this to be one of the friendliest communities to beginners. I currently run a forum/site for a PC/Console gaming community and have found that new users like to have one post (preferably stickied) where they can find basic info on the hobby. New users seem to have to get hooked to be able to search for things, this is where the beginners guide would come into play. This could be anything from links to sections already in the forum or a full collaboration of the topics written out in one place. Some things I have noted myself searching for are as follows; Pipe cleaning (short and long term), pipe rotation, packing a pipe, what a good draw feels like, lighting a pipe, common beginner mistakes, building cake and a few other things. This is already a great helpful community, and this could only make it better! I would be willing to create this guide with some help from the community, which shouldn't be a problem.

    Lets grow this community together, Pipe On!


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    First of all, welcome to PM Forums, Mottzilla!

    Yours is a great idea. Did you know PM Forums has an topic area for this?


    I think one of the challenges, especially for beginners, is actually finding an area and placing posts in the correct topic area. Hell, not just new members have that problem -- we had a thread this week about how too many puffers here start a thread without checking to make sure they are starting the thread in the correct topic.

    Oh well, you likely will find many interesting threads for new pipe smokers in the link I provided and again, nice to have you join us!

    Posted 3 years ago #


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