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Anyone have a Don Warren pipe?

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  • Started 3 years ago by ericusrex
  • Latest reply from lordofthepiperings
  1. ericusrex


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    I see P&C now carries them. I've eyed them for a few weeks now over at pipesmokersforum.com. They look real slick with the white stems and all. And they're very reasonably priced. How are their craftsmanship, fit-and-finish and smoking properties?

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  2. lordofthepiperings


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    A little eye candy lol.

    Those are the two Don Warren's I have. I love them both. The drilling is spot on. They're earlier works of his, but the stem work was still pretty good. They smoke like a dream no matter what blend I'm having in them. I HIGHLY recommend pulling the trigger on a Don Warren you have your eye on.

    I met Don at the West Coast Pipe Show back in 2013. Great guy on top of being a very talented carver. Not sure what shows he goes to, but if you're ever at a show definitely keep a look out for him.

    It's become a tradition for me to pick up a new Don Warren pipe at the West Coast Pipe Show.

    "The thinking man always smokes a Peterson." -Peterson of Dublin
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