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2016 Celebrity List

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  • Started 2 years ago by toobfreak
  • Latest reply from metalheadycigarguy
  1. toobfreak


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    I tried to put together a list of just the more notable people to pass away so far this year, pretty much in order from January to most recent. All these people are no longer with us. Sorry if the formatting gets screwed up:

    David Bowie Cancer 69
    Alan Rickman 69
    Harry Potter Actor
    Dan Haggerty 74
    Grizzly Adams
    Glenn Frey 67
    Eagles guitarist
    Abe Vigoda 94
    Signe Toly Anderson
    Jefferson Airplane
    Antonin Scalia 79
    George Kennedy 91
    Nancy Reagan 94
    George Martin 90
    Producer Beatles
    Keith Emerson Suicide 71
    Frank Sinatra Jr. Heart 72
    Tray Walker 23
    Baltimore Ravens
    Garry Shandling 66
    Patty Duke 69
    Merle Haggard 79
    Doris Roberts 90
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Chyna 45
    Prince 57
    William Schallert 93
    Morley Safer 84
    Muhammad Ali 74
    Morgan Guilbert 87
    Millie on Dick van Dyke
    Anton Yelchin Crushed
    Star Trek actor
    Garry Marshall 81
    Television Director
    Kenny Baker 83
    Star Wars R2-D2
    Gene Wilder 83
    Arnold Palmer 87
    Robert Vaughn 83
    Florence Henderson 82
    Fidel Castro 90
    Greg Lake Cancer 69
    John Glenn 95
    Alan Thicke 69
    Zsa Zsa Gabor 99
    George Michael 53
    Carrie Fisher 60

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    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. jpmcwjr


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    Holy cow! That's worse than I thought. Thanks..... I guess!

    I know that you believe you understood what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. chasingembers


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    I've seen a few online lists, and they are huge! Glen Frey even died earlier this year.

    I like coffee exceedingly.
    - H. P. Lovecraft
    Posted 2 years ago #
  4. ophiuchus


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    Are we sure we want to do this?

    Three RIP threads in one day already ...

    Posted 2 years ago #
  5. mso489


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    Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, and so many others. To repeat Hemingway's quip, "People dying this year who've never died before."

    Posted 2 years ago #
  6. jvnshr


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    Yep, it was a holocaust this year. 2 more days left.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  7. metalheadycigarguy


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    Rick Parfitt - guitarist for legendary rock band The Status Quo. He passed Dec. 24, Heart age 68.

    Posted 2 years ago #


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