Zippo or IMCO lighter? which one is better?

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Apr 17, 2012
0 previous post that I use a zippo in car or away from home but use matches on my deck.

This week I have only been smoking english tobacco samples I ordered and I can tell you I can taste the zippo where it was never a problem with the aromatics.

So I will only be using matches for english blends from now on.



New member
May 10, 2012
I've been using a Thunderbird butane pipe insert in my Zippo ($12 shipped on eBay), it works well. I've heard of clogging issues but hey, it's $12.



Apr 23, 2012
I must be the stupidest person in this Forum...
I hate using matches to light the pipe. How many times the match does not light with a proper flame, or it has that burnt stick that doesn't let you get close to the tobacco. And how many times, even letting it burn some seconds, it gives me an awful phosphorus taste in the first puff. Yes, it's a wonder when it's all perfect, but not always is; especially to light tobacco under the half of the bowl.
Bic and regular butane lighters. Or "How to get your new pipe's rim burnt and scarred in 2 weeks". Yes, we all know how to bend the flame, but between puff and puff, the flame goes up and burns the rim, especially because the flame is particularly wide.
Torches... Get your rim burnt, and get half of the tobacco in your bowl lit and burnt in one puff.
Zippo. Good job and a gentle flame, but I dislike that many times you have to actually touch the zippo with the wood. Although they are the only option in the street while windy, honestly: When windy, the flame goes anywhere; not only to your tobacco.
At this moment, I have found that both the Old Boy and a normal ST. Dupont lighter that I have, are my perfect way. The reason is just because their flame is long and thin, so they target the tobacco, and respect the wood.
Then again, I must be too clumsy. But I still can't believe that love for matches, or bic...



Nov 5, 2011
I do not leave any flame at the bowl. It is sort of like the frank method of how he applies a lighter (soft flame in my case) for only a second, but I raise the flame totally away from the bowl between each puff. Works well keeping your rim clean.



New member
Jun 26, 2018
i like these butane ones they have built in tools.
ive used hemp wick for a year or so but lost intrest in it.
i can taste zippo fluid so use shellite or fuelite in my oil lighters, way cheaper from car parts shop than std oil lighter fuel



Preferred Member
Mar 13, 2018
SC Piedmont
Thanks for the thread bump, kiwi. Good to review stuff like that from time to time. :) Welcome, too, BTW; glad to have you here!
Personally I like Zippo OK, but with the Thunderbird insert; I'm strictly a butane guy (my aversion to Zippo fluid is exTREMELY well-documented -laugh-). I use the Zippo mainly as a backup since my size (6'6", 260 lbs) means it's a little dinky in my hands. My standard go-to these days is an Imco Chic4. It's tall enough to fit me well, plus it has a built-in tool & a pretty fair-sized tank. Best thing is it only costs about $20 American, so if I lose it or it gets confiscated by airport security** I'm not out much. Vectors are good too. They're heavy enough to not feel like a toy, usually have two built-in tools, & are ergonomic for my arthritic joints.
** -- My most recent bitch about airport security; I had a $50 Vector in my *checked bags* [[growl]], EMPTY, & the damn security people confiscated it & two cans of butane. Seriously honked me off. }}:(