Your pipe kit

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Jul 21, 2015
I see these reviews and articles where people have cool gear like those little glass trays to mix the tobacco in.
It kinda makes me feel like a bum (go ahead, say it) because my pipe kit is an old tin, a pipe nail, and some ash-stained fingers.
What do you keep around for the process of smoking tobacco? Do you use cool little glass trays? Specialized ashtrays?



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Apr 29, 2015
My kit is identical. I would only add paper towels for cleaning bowls and drying overly moist blends, and then only when I'm feeling fancy.
Yep. I'm a bum, too.



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Feb 13, 2015
4-pipe hanging rack for my cob rotation (I only keep 4 in use at any one time).
6-pipe Decatur rack for my briar rotation. The glass tobacco jar has been replaced with a cylindrical, clear-glass vase holding regular and bristly pipe cleaners, a Butner reamer, a Czech tool, a 5/32" drill bit, and a miniature bottle of cheap vodka.
In the toolshed/man-cave: A homemade "pipe shelf" with holes to accomodate six pipes, a tin of stem polish, an "herb grinder" for flakes, and another miniature vodka bottle.



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Jul 28, 2013
Right now, it's a leather roll up pouch, a pipe nail, and a bic.
Simple is best for me



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Dec 1, 2014
I really enjoy the accouterments of the pipe smoking hobby and find that they really enrich the experience. I upgraded my czech pipe tool to a relatively inexpensive 8deco tamper, and my bic lighter to a kiribi and quite enjoy them both. The lighter was maybe overkill...
I rescued a silver butter tray to use as a sort of platter/ashtray. It's similar to the one below. It houses my folding pipe rack and lighter when not in use and then acts as my ashtray while i'm smoking. It's not ideal but works for now. I use 250ml mason jars for my tobacco and they do not have a wide enough mouth to stuff a pipe over without making a mess so I typically decant some tobacco in to a glass dish. It would be nice to have an all-in-one solution or some sort of nesting group of items: a tobacco prep area, storage for tamp, lighter, and maybe a pipe, some sort of pipe rest and a removable ashtray.



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Aug 9, 2013
I don't need no stinking sissy pipe kit, carrying like a manbag, purse, hand clutch, girl thingy. I just grab a fresh Dunhill, pack it, light it, smoke it. Instead of tamping it or emptying the bowl, I just toss the nasty thing out the window or in the trash bin when done. I then grab a new fresh Dunhill, pack it, light it and toss it when done. Phhht, dirty pipes are for poor people. I sometimes have to carry up to eight Dunhills when I leave the house, but not in a pipe purse, I just put them in a skull. The empty skull of a dead smoking nazi. Yep, that's right... no tooty fruity man purse for me. A skull full of fresh Dunhills is all I need. And, when the skull is empty of pipes... that's right, I toss it. Next day. New skull.



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Jan 21, 2012
Nova Scotia, Canada
A BJ Long pipe cleaner bag with a few pipe cleaners,mathces and cheap pipe tool inside. Pipe in a fabric bag, tobacco in a mason jar. All stuffed in a jacket pocket.



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Sep 14, 2015
@Cosmic: ROFL !! "Next day. New skull."
In the house I just have a tin, mason jars of tobacco (the big quart size)and a cardboard box o pipes. When I go out to smoke I just pack a pipe or two, put them in my pocket and grab my keys which have a tamper and scrapy reamy thing that's thirty years old from Tinder Box, and a bic lighter. If I run out of tobacco, I'll flay a squirrel and smoke the meat. They are a little gamey.



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May 5, 2009
I love all things related to pipe/cigar smoking. I've collected enough pipe requisites over the years that I rotate them. All this is based around what I consider to be the most important pipe related necessity, the table and chair. Mine is a large leather Stickley Morris chair/foot stool and end table. Even with all the extras my finger is black and my ashtray stinks. 8O

Jun 5, 2015
I have a stainless steel tray for drying and filling tobacco; a Royal Crown ashtray that have two pipe holders; a number of tampers to choose from; a butane lighter and a Zippo lighter; a bag of BJLong and a bag of Dunhill cleaners for different kinds of pipes; a cotton towel to wipe my pipes after smoking; a torch to check the inside of the bowl; a Vauen lubricant for the stem; a thermometer to check the temperature of my pipe... yeah I have too many things for pipe smoking; all these are required for a single smoke.



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Sep 9, 2015

Previous homeowner built a workbench in the basement. It's top is comprised of 16 foot 2x4's. There used to be wooden drawers, but they stuck like crazy. I cut them out and made extra storage room for household items. The table top was to uneven to be a good work surface for anything really, so I had a spare piece of plywood laying around and nailed that sucker down. Right there is the full lineup with all my open tobacco. Deathmetal may recognize a bag or two since he has been kind enough to send samples!



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Jan 23, 2015
I'm a gadget junkie so I too like all the nifty pipe smoking accessories. I have numerous tampers, pipe rests, jars, cups, several brands and styles of lighters and some old heavy glass ashtrays. Probably a few other doodads too. :puffy:



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Dec 1, 2014
...All this is based around what I consider to be the most important pipe related necessity, the table and chair. Mine is a large leather Stickley Morris chair/foot stool and end table.
This is a good point, and I like your style sir!
I have an industry that can give me a 2/3rds price on an Eames lounge that I pine over. If I didn't have filthy room mates I would buy it up in a second as an investment. I think it would make a fantastic smoking chair. It would greatly improve the ritual!



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May 11, 2012
The old man had that chair for as long as I can remember (I left home in '67) and no one was to touch it or God forbid sit in it.



Aug 17, 2015
My kit is a leather tobacco pouch/pipe pouch from amazon. It holds a straight stem briar or brylon pipe with an ounch of tobacco, a czech pipe tool, a folded paper napkin, 5 pipe cleaners, and a bic lighter or two. It's all I need for a good time on the town. At home, I have a wrought iron table and chair patio set where I smoke. I use an old CH tub to hold my lighters, tampers, cleaners, pipes, etc. Close the lid when your done and seals it all up from the weather.



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Apr 11, 2015
My kit consists of an old C&D tin for dumping ash/used pipe cleaners, a Czech tool, folding plastic pipe stand and a zippo. Bingo bango.



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Sep 13, 2015
Why was I not informed there was a chair like this?...oh because it's almost 5 grand.



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Feb 21, 2013
My ash try is a nifty rectangular red condiment dish from Walmart that I like because it is deep so doesn't need to be emptied continuously (I do empty it). My mixing bowl for putting together one or two blends or blending tobacco is a bowl from a pottery town called Seagrove, N.C. For toting pipes around, my wife gave me a really handsome churchwarden case with plenty of room for pipe cleaners, two 'wardens and one or two other pipes, and accessories (baggies of 'baccy etc.). But for some trips, a nylon toilet kit from Walmart serves pretty well and is much less tempting to steal than the leather Savenelli churchwarden case. Someone would assume they were getting my toothbrush and shaving soap. It's all pretty basic, with a few grace notes (mostly gifts) here and there. Frankly, I am never in situations where my pipes and pipe smoking are part of my trying, or happening to, impress others. Mostly, people either object to smoking at all, tolerate it nobly, or don't know I smoke a pipe at all. I've never had anyone say, "I think it is so great you smoke a pipe! You look great smoking your pipe! I want to smoke one too!" I'm just hanging out in the wrong places.