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New member
Nov 4, 2018
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen; pipe smokers and cigar connoisseurs.
Robb from New Hampshire here.
I've been smoking pipe and cigars since about 2012 when my best friend introduced me to the joys of tobacco. Not three weeks ago I landed a dream job - working in a hundred year old cigar shop in Portsmouth, NH. It's like working at Disney World *I've done that too!*
Anyhow, a little about my background - I was raised in central Florida, spent the majority of my young life there before moving to Texas for a couple of years, and finally moving to the northeast where I married my wife. I am a Bible believing Reformed Christian, Libertarian, and enjoyer of the finest tobacco products. I smoke my Savinelli Church Warden pipe (my second and currently only pipe - first got destroyed :/), and I'm always trying new cigars to fill my pallet. Currently my favorite cigar is between the Tatuaje Verocu and the Diamond Crown Julius Caesar. I've been in sales for the last eight years, married for the last five, and I love a good intellectual discussion on politics, theology, or tobacco.
Would love to hear from other tobacco lovers in New Hamsphire!



Preferred Member
May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Welcome! Portsmouth is a fine old seaport town I am fond of.
As to discussion, the first is a no-no; the second is I dunno; the third is full speed ahead.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Welcome aboard. My wife gave me my first churchwarden, an unfiltered Savinelli 601, a nice pipe. I also have a straight 'warden by Big Ben, and a small EWA 'warden in a green stain.



Preferred Member
May 23, 2018
Welcome to the forums Robb. This is a great group of pipers. Oh yeah, rule #6.

Political Posts Not Allowed
6. We want to keep it friendly and fun around here. Political threads make it nearly impossible to maintain that type of atmosphere, so they are forbidden ... (unless they have to do with tobacco policies and legislation).