Ye Olde Briar Shoppe

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Jul 6, 2012
I was visiting the bay area the other day, and decided to stock up on some more tobacco from Ye Olde Briar Shoppe in Vallejo. I bought 4oz of a great Balkan that doesn't have a name yet, 4oz of Peaches And Cream, and 2oz each of Irish Cream, and California Gold. The owner blends everything himself, and is a real old school guy. He only takes orders over the phone, or in person. No internet transactions. He's got some neat odds and ends around the shop, and some cigars as well. He loves to talk and kick down some knowledge to anyone who walks in the door. Something you don't see too often here in California.

If anyone is ever near Vallejo, I'd recommend stopping by and checking this place out.