Wish Me Luck - Going under the surgeon's knife......again

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After recovering from my fibromatosis surgery/plastic surgery last year I thought life would return to normal. Oh boy was I so wrong !! Mid November I started getting a little pain under my stomach, just over my abdomen but it was more of a muscular pain. Being a fat ass I deduced it might hvae been a pulled muscle or something and waited for it to get better. Which it did. Then in Mid-December I had a nasty cough and cold and after coughing my lungs out for a month I noticed pain in the same spot just above my abdomen whenever I coughed. The pain however disappeared after a few days AGAIN !!
A few days ago I swear I can feel a hole in my abdominal wall. Going for a Surgeon's Appointment tomorrow and probably a CT Scan. I am 90% sure it's an inguinal hernia as right now the symptoms are a little ache and heavyness on the same side of my stomach/abdomen.
Wish me luck !
Will update as things unfold.

Chris :puffpipe:



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Sep 14, 2015
It should be an easy fix. You'll be out of there in no time. Good luck Monk !!



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Feb 13, 2015
Sorry to hear you're going in for another round of medical crap. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!



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Dec 7, 2011
Had sounds like the exact same thing several years ago... now I have a pretty scar from my belly-button straight north for about 4". Plus I gots me a gore-tex patch and some other synthetic wonders in there to hold me together. I'm sharing all this maybe TMI to say it was one of the best and easiest surgeries I've ever had... and that would be what I wish for you... a BEST and EASIEST op! Good luck and may The Force be with you!!!



Oct 6, 2016
Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.
Speaking of recovery, buy a little bell to place on your bedside table or next to your favorite lounger. When you require something - a beer, a backrub, a snack, a pipe, a TV remote - all you have to do is ring the bell and your wife will come running to serve you.