Why Are There Few Perique Aromatics?

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2015
Just wondering why there aren't more perique based aromatics. you would think it would help with tonguebite and maybe also the natural sweetness would pair nice with the right topping. Might also give that nic hit others craze. I think a maple/perique would be a great pairing. 4noggins does have a great maple perique blend called Essence of Vermont but i find it a bit weak in topping. Anyway any thoughts?



Oct 18, 2016
Try adding some perique to a rum flavored aromatic (Plumcake?) and see how it tastes?



Preferred Member
Sep 20, 2011
IMHO, Pairing the strong flavors of Perique within an aromatic blend is a tall order. However, there are a few that (again, IMHO) get it right. Check out 310 Battleground, available from The Humidor in Murfreesboro TN for an exhibit of "getting it right". Another good choice is Pipeworks & Wilke No.13



Preferred Member
Oct 10, 2013
Perhaps because folks who love Perique are generally not aro smokers and visa versa. More of a marketing thing? I think that Perique and flavorings are not mutually exclusive, by any stretch of the imagination.



Preferred Member
Sep 9, 2015
I mix up my own daily blend at home and it contains aromatic tobacco and Perique. Not a large amount of Perique, but the whole concoction seems to work for me.



Preferred Member
May 9, 2015



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
McClelland's Grey Havens in the Craftsbury collection is an excellent aromatic perique mix, as well as Fleur De Lis by the Country Squire. There are more, but these two are my favorites. The trick is lightly topping them, to prevent overriding the subtle flavors of the perique. But, there are quite a few AroPers out there, if you look for them. Not all of them are labeled or catagorized as actual aromatics, even though, technically, they are. Look for Virginia, Burley, Perique blends that mention a topping, not a casing but an actual topping, which will be what you are looking for.




Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Hmmm, Perique is usually used as a condiment tobacco, a flavoring in itself. However, Iwan Ries Three Star Blue, for one, is an aromatic with a dusting of Latakia and Perique. I think Perique is expensive, comparatively, so blenders don't throw it around (as it were).



Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
D&R's London Dock has Perique in it, and though definitely not for all, I like it.
Is that a scented blend similar to Lakelands? I've heard that it was but I didn't really see anyone describing that on TR.



Senior Member
May 10, 2014
Arrowhead from Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint, MI has both Perique, and Latakia as well as vanilla flavoring. By far the best aromatic I've smoked.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
Is that a scented blend similar to Lakelands? I've heard that it was but I didn't really see anyone describing that on TR.
Nothing at all like a Lakeland. More rum and vanilla.



New member
Jan 8, 2017
I guess it depends upon what you call aromatic. The standard is to omit the casing flavor as being considered an added aroma. I never understood that, as casing is most definitely an added, non-tobacco flavor and aroma. Solani 633, a delightful VaPer and my current favorite VaPer, is cased in honey (pretty sure it is honey) and within a few days of being transferred from a fresh tin to a jar, a fruit like aroma with a bit of sweetness comes out. Additionally, you have aros like Royal Yacht that are pretty tame in the topping department and non-aros like GL Pease Cairo (just smoked a bowl - it has Perique, full flavor and aroma, as well as a good dose of nicotine you are looking for) that smells like RY on steroids after a few years aging. And I just mentioned in another thread that Latakia is as aromatic and flavored with non-tobacco flavoring as a tobacco can get, yet because that flavor is added in the curing process versus the blending, Latakia is not considered a flavored or aromatic tobacco. My opinion, of course, on all of that.
Part of it may be that Perique itself is the aromatic being added. It was just 'aromaized' (yea, I just made up a word, lol) during the curing process, not the blending ...



Preferred Member
Mar 25, 2016
Why don't more people serve orange jello with celery in it? I would probably titled a similar thread, "Why Would You Add Perique to an Aromatic?" but the OP's question approaches this subject with a better attitude than mine. :wink:
Maybe a pinch of blending Perique, for those inclined?