When Does the Redesign come Online?

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Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2016
I thought we could group all the talk about the new site redesign in one place. I know its coming in 'June' but is there a launch date we are looking at?
Any hints at new features Kevin?



Smoking a Pipe Right Now
Staff member
Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. ;-)
This is a big project, and the completion date is a moving target, and right now, I am the bottleneck.
Right now it looks like mid-to-end June. Fingers crossed.



Preferred Member
Sep 14, 2011
Good luck with your launch, Kevin. As a retired IT guy, I know how complicated these things can get.



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
Kevin, I hope you can maintain the same look as this place. I like that this place is different from all the other pipe sites. And please don't have a like button. That is something I would hate to see. If people can just like something, there is a big loss of words and maybe new ideas in a thread.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I'm dreading it, for fear my gimpy operating system will reject it out of hand like many other sites. Then I'll have to buy a new device which will take a steep learning curve and possibly eliminate much labor stored in the documents. I guess I'm just stuck in the parchment and quill age, or at best, the portable manual typewriter world. 'Hope I won't lose you all to progress. I'd miss the conversation. My Apple PC is from early 2009, which in the digital age is several ages before the extinction of the dinosaurs.



Preferred Member
Sep 9, 2017
...a like button. That is something I would hate to see. If people can just like something, there is a big loss of words and maybe new ideas in a thread.
Possibly, but on the other hand, Like/I Agree buttons help curb unnecessary redundancy and post padding. Sometimes all we have to say is "I concur"; no need to enlarge the database with posts like "++1", "True dat", "What he said", &c., &c.
Note that Like buttons don't prevent anyone from posting nonetheless, nor is anyone forced to use them.



Junior Member
Dec 18, 2018
My hopes are easier picture handling and better mobile performance. I rarely visit the site on my phone (and I am an avid user of my phone) due to it's formatting just not being mobile friendly.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Whether I make it to the next platform or not, I think any way in which the new format does not resemble social media generally will be all to the good. The "like" feature is a superficial bunch of crap, and I vote against it. Anything that reaches out to random addressee lists to recruit membership. That sort of thing. I no play'a the game, i no make'a the rules, but I do dislike much of the concept of social media.



Junior Member
May 18, 2019
As a new member i find the pic posting quite easy but a drag and drop from my comp would be nice



Preferred Member
May 23, 2018
I like this forum just the way it is. I plan on staying on the forum after the change and I'll give it a chance. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a disaster like Facebook.



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
I like this crotchety old forum and it's become an old crotchety friend of mine. But personally I have had very few issues with it. Posting is easy, finding posts is easy.... heck, posting photos is easy! I don't really understand where the difficulty is. Different systems being used I suppose? My only issue is that it says I have 1 PM which is one I can't open, and this has only very recently been a problem since I joined in January of 2013. But although that one unreadable PM is an annoyance, it's really not a terrible issue... except for when I'm tired, or just waking up, and I forget and open my PMs only to see, "Oh yeah.... Crap!" I will miss this brown and beige and dried pee colored forum when it's gone, as it's been a big part of my life for the past six years.... 8O wow.... I really need to get out more!
But you know, I'm not going to go anywhere. I've grown fond of reading about what all you yahoos are doing, or smoking, or trying to figure out about smoking, or when a newbie freaks out over the inside chamber of their pipe turning dark :rofl: oh my GOODNESS!!!! That gets me every time!!! :rofl: Oh my, I love this place!!!! And it comforts me when I see someone who's been here a fraction of the time I have run up a post count that puts mine to shame, because it makes me feel like perhaps I have a life after all.... sheesh! Some of you REALLY need to get out more! :rofl: No, I'm certainly not going anywhere. I'd miss out on all that fun! Besides, maybe the new revamped site will bring in some more Hajas or Starcats... I sure as hell DON'T want to miss out on that! :mrgreen:
And it feeds my narcissism when I post photos of a new pipe and everyone showers me with "Oooooh! That's a beauty!" "You sure know how to pick them!" "Wow! Look at the grain on that!" "I bet is smokes as well as it looks!" "Congrats and enjoy the heck out of it!" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Sure I'll miss this old dog. But when the new one launches, I bet I'll enjoy the heck out of it :puffy:



Preferred Member
Oct 12, 2011
anthonyrosenthal, with the new system I hope you "Enjoy the heck" out of it...



Preferred Member
Jan 31, 2011
^ He's already enjoyed the heck out of this one. There's no heck left...that's why it has to be updated.
It's all Anthony's fault.



Preferred Member
Jul 30, 2016
WOW ... MSO489 that's the most fired up I've ever seen you get here.
Ask him about a Devil Anse pipe. I think Tom's family was somehow involved. (That's the internet rumor I'm starting)
Sorry Tom, I know you hate the whole Hatfield's and McCoy's thing.

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