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Senior Member
Apr 6, 2015
I was perusing eBay when I noticed this Comoy's Blue Riband ending soon, with a current bid of $400!! LISTING
Funny thing about this pipe. I owned it. I bought it for $75 off a noname seller on eBay a couple years ago. Smoked it a few times. Good smoker, great grain. It is actually a Cadogan era, no 3 piece C, stem is not as comfortable as an older Comoy's. I sold it for $125 at the Chicago show. I'm sure if I listed this on eBay I wouldn't get $200 for it, but this guy throws it up there and WHAMMY!



Preferred Member
Feb 27, 2013
Don't feel bad Sam I know if I list a piece of classic tackle like a bamboo fly rod or vintage fly reel they come out in herds but my reputation and moniker are well established and my descriptions conservative, I do take excellent photos but when the item is in hand it tells the true story no matter the description or the photos. He worked hard to gain a following, yours is here for the moment but time will make it a wider playing field for you just keep at it.