What Kind of Pipe Loot Did You Get?

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Oct 10, 2017
So we know that addamsruspipe must have been on the Nice List with the Savinelli that he got, but how about the rest of y'all? Was there any good pipe stuff under the tree this year? My wife bought me a framed Dr. Grabow Christmas poster and my daughter (22 years old) bought me a Zippo pipe lighter and three aromatics I have never tried: 4 ounces of Red Cake, 4 ounces of Angler's Dream, and two tins of Kramer's Blend for Cary Grant. She also gave me a bunch of stylish jars to store tobacco in with fancy hand-written labels tied around the neck. I must have done something right with that one.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
Santa was pretty good to me too! His elves turned-out two nice pipes:

A Stefano Santambrogio rusticated Rhodesian

and an Amorelli carved apple



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Feb 26, 2015
No pipes but one daughter gave me a total of 6 oz. of bulk pipe tobacco (2 oz. Sutliff Christmas Spice, 2 oz. H&H Caramel Apple Pie & 2 oz. H&H Egg Nog), a big pouch of pipe cleaners and 4 pack of Ball wide mouth jars for storing tobacco. Santa put a tin of Peterson's Holiday Season and C&D Sea Dog in my stocking.



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Feb 11, 2016

This now makes for a total of 80 plugs of Condor in my cellar. 20 more and I’ll be satisfied... I think.



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Aug 27, 2016
The ladyfriend got me my very first Savinelli. From their Petite line, its a 112, black rusticated with nickel and brass band.

Looks pretty sharp and after smoking it...i have to be honest.. I was impressed.

The stem, tenon, and mortise are all perfectly finished and it smokes as dry as any pipe I have.
I never really considered a Savinelli before, but now I'm looking at some of the petite punto oros!



Preferred Member
Nov 17, 2015
Springfield, Mo
It's wonderful to see all the Christmas fun!
My amazing wife surprised me with a 2009 Ardor Urano, 250g of Kendal Plug, and a book of Twain's collected novels (which I consider a smoking accessory).
Happy Holidays, and many happy blends in the New Year!



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Feb 21, 2013
Received pipes and blends for my birthday in the fall. Christmas was all about pocket knives, to my complete surprise -- a Case, a Barlow from Pakistan, a Remington, and a Garrett Wade, beauties all. Plus a case for these and others. Now I'll have to remember to rotate my "carry." Oh, plus a pocket knife sheath for my belt. Nifty. I'll have to take an hour or two to fold and unfold them and admire then later today.



New member
Dec 14, 2017
Tom Eltang Stanwell 137, a leather journal, and to my surprise a Hults Bruks Akka. Great time with family and good smokes!



Feb 16, 2014

Wife got me a small Cigar Store Indian circa 1950 and my dad refurbished this Tobacco/Cigar box that belonged to my Great Grandfather. He kept his King Edwards Stogies and a couple of pipes in it by his chair. About 100 years old. I'm keeping all my Dunhill style tins in it now.



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May 29, 2011
Santa brought me a tin of Dorchester, a tin of Peter Heinrichs Special Curly; a 24 ounce box of LTF, and 24 packs of pipe cleaners. I also found an unsmoked Peterson St. Patrick’s Day 2015 X105 billiard, and a gorgeous Savinelli Impero Natural Apple under the tree. My oldest son gave me a Zippo Pipe lighter, and my lovely lady surprised me with a Briarworks Light Blast Cutty. That’s what happens when you leave Santa a few flakes of Penzance instead of cookies.