What don't you Recommend?

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May 16, 2011
Everyone has a favirote, and is always a fan of a certian. In fact, I only hear about the best people have smoked.
So I'm going to ask you all for blends you recommend people avoid. Surely there have to be a few blends that you would not recommend to your worst enemy.



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Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
Recommending a tobacco is much easier to suggest than one to avoid like the plague, IMO, because personal taste and preferences are so varied.
Now, while I say this, I have a tobacco in my cellar that I just can't smoke. I wouldn't say it's horrible, but definitely not a tobacco I find pleasant. I should just offer it up to anyone who wants to give it a go and see what happens. I'm not even sure if the stuff can be found anymore, but I bought a tin of Nording's Nature No.1 from my local B&M about a year ago. It had been aged in the sealed tin for about 10 years.



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Oct 29, 2010
If, of all the tobaccos I have tried there are only some that I have recommended, then there must be tobaccos I have not recommended.
These would be:
Altadis Medium English 502

067 Bayou Morning

Half & Half

Shortcut to Mushrooms

Prince Albert



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Oct 2, 2010
Do keep in mind that this whole issue is very personal....

As an example, Shortcut to Mushrooms and Prince Albert are among my favorites.

So, if you really want to pursue this line of questioning, you should find members who have tastes similar to yours and then ask them your question.... :mrgreen:



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Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Good point Hilo.

It's like that minor hornets nest I stirred up last week. :D
To the Aro smoker recommendation:... not really.

Prefer English? Absolutely!



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Oct 29, 2010
:mrgreen: Ha ha! I never said they were bad blends,...I just said I personally have never recommended them!
I can't think of any that I would tell people to avoid.



Jan 7, 2010
This is a no-brainer for me: Mixture #79. It smells great in the tin... just don't try to smoke it. :lol: Use it for potpouri or something. It's the only tobac I remember flushing to oblivion in disgust. Of course, it takes all kinds... it's been made for years, so somebody out there likes it.
Another I can't recommend is Germain's Mixure No. 7. It starts out like a nice Va. flake, but then something else kicks in and you think you've washed your mouth with soap. I guess that means I don't like "lakeland" tobacs. :)



May 12, 2011
Lakeland Black cherry. My friend bought me a pouch and it just smelt like soap, refused to smoke and to be honest, felt like bad tobacco in between my fingers.



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Feb 1, 2010
This is my review on Tobacco Reviews for Caminetto Barolo
Normally I like to write longer reviews but this blend doesn't deserve it. It's aweful, truly aweful. You know how when you go in to the men's room and smell that aweful cherry disinfectant? I'm pretty sure that's what they are using to flavor this. The smell is there but I keep wanting to scrub my mouth out with a toilet brush just to improve the hideous taste this leaves behind. A toilet brush could only be an improvement over this. This not only has no cherry taste to it or tobacco taste to it, but it has no earthly taste to it. I think it's demonic. I pray that those who will go to hell are not punished with having this taste in their mouths for all of eternity. I am also hoping it will come out of my pipe.
The is my review of Oceanliner New York Black and Gentle
Under the topic of "What were you thinking?" I purchased some of this. I read the coconuts part and despite the poor reviews I thought "Hey, I like coconuts, I'll try this!" It arrived today and may my Castello forgive me for soiling it's bowl with this tobacco. This looks like fine leaf but upon the match it opens up a gateway to hell that just never seems to stop. It smells like the fruity version of one of those pine tree car deodorizers and though I have never eatten one of those I am betting it tastes similar. Both during the smoke and afterwards, its as though someone took a can of fruit scented Lysol and sprayed it in your mouth. I would throw it away but I am afraid it would eat through my trash can and floor like the blood from Sigorney Weaver's Alien movie. I'll have to get my HAZMAT suit out and bury it in the back yard. I have some weeds back there I have been unable to kill and I am relatively sure this will do the job.
Also under a general list of things I don't recommend, one would be if you are ever sent to prison, don't wear underwear that comically says "Free Parking In The Rear" on them into the showers. The fellas sort take that the wrong way and see it as an invite.



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Mar 22, 2011
Edgewood Texas
That really is a loaded question. I for one like Night Train, but haven't puffed any in awhile. Not to say Lawrence is wrong at all, just that my taste is different I suppose.

And about Hauntedmysts advice, I saw a mugshot the other day of this college kid who was being booked wearing a t-shirt that said " I shaved my balls for this ?? "

I'm sure that went over great at the frat house, probably not so much in general population...



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
I haven't had much luck getting C&D's Crooner to ignite and stay lit. It's called cube cut,

but it's more like nuggetized Burley -- looks like dried mouse droppings. I even tried pulverizing

it a bit in a coffee grinder, still no luck. Can't complain about the taste, but then again,

it really didn't give me much of a chance for that.



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Jan 24, 2011
Happy Hunting Grounds
Just For Him "Old Toby"
If I was the kind of guy who put bark mulch around his trees, i would buy 50 lb. of it and put it around me trees, and then be mad because it would probably goop up the trees. What I got was 2 oz. of stems, shake, seeds, oregano, and all the humidity of a grilled cheese sandwich left in a lunchbox all afternoon in a hot truck in the middle of July.



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May 14, 2011
Mixture #79. It smells great in the tin... just don't try to smoke it. [:lol:] Use it for potpouri or something. - Jimbo
Any flavor Borkum Riff for me. Just plain NASTY! - Uncle Arthur
You guys nailed it. I hadn't had anything worse than Borkum Riff until I tried Mixture #79.



Mar 13, 2011
I know a lot of folk enjoy this one, but or me it's Sterling Sweet Briar.
I just can't get over the smell of Robitussin.



Jan 7, 2010
cortez, I found out about Crooner when I was searching for a replacement blend with deer tongue when 4noggins was out of their Mojo. Mojo is back now, and I like it a lot better than Crooner. Old Tartan and John Patton's Gold Nugget I've heard also have deer tongue, but I haven't tried them.
I usually like blends with deer tounge... flavor and aroma of vanilla without being a soupy aromatic with that aromatic aftertaste.



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Jul 31, 2010
Bethlehem, Pa.
Jimbo. if its deer tongue you want consider C&D's Gentleman Caller. I've been smoking it for a year now and still really enjoy it.

As for "no way" blends I'm with Arthur re any Borkum Riff blend and I can't handle Mixture #79.



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Jan 17, 2010
woodlands tx
1Q is so over hyped , YMMV . Altildus Dark Chocolate . Mixture 79 the only thing sent back from four stolen box passes . :laughat:



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Jun 5, 2010
Cornelius, NC
Distinguished Penguin is the most putrid, scum-licking, ball sucking, anal kissing, donkey's breath, boogered up baccy I can think of to recommend staying away from.