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New member
Jul 3, 2015
I enjoy trying try knew tobaccos there is something about when you taste the flavors I like to sit outside and enjoy the taste Of whatever tobacco and smoking and of course talking to people about the hobby



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
The variety of pipes -- shapes, materials, nations of origin, prices, and smoking characteristics -- along with the vast variety of tobaccos and relative thrift compared to cigars, and the ability to have a thorough enjoyment even on a bowl or two a day, with days off. The pipe community is a huge plus -- shops, shows, and Forums at the forefront of that, plus some totally unique people who do it their way. I like occasionally mixing tobaccos and blends, plus appreciating the artistry of the various lavishly talented blenders.



Preferred Member
Sep 30, 2011
I enjoy smoking tobacco most.
Btw, Rolling G- sorry about giving you a hard time about your punctuation in your previous thread. I had no idea you have a handicap my brother. The avatar is a nice touch.



Senior Member
Oct 25, 2013
As a wheelchair user it is disability not a handicap in reality it is what it is. Shel



Preferred Member
Feb 13, 2015
For me it is variety and experimentation as well. This is a hobby I could never see getting tired of- too many new tobaccos to try, too many pipe materials and styles, too diverse of a crowd in the pipe-enjoying world. Trying to find your Holy Grail tobacco (and kind of hoping you never do), tweaking and fiddling with an old beater pipe, seeing if you can turn it into a gem. All great parts of the hobby. Some guys are one-pipe, one blend guys. If that made me happy, I'd do it too. But for me, there's just too much exploring to do!



Jul 16, 2014
There is a lot to be enjoyed in this hobby. The artistic nature of pipe making comes to mind first. Collecting pipes gives you the opportunity to have your own little museum with a variety of pieces created by artists from all around the world, from many different eras. The tobaccos, so many types and blends to try. I also enjoy the fact that pipe smoking is like a gateway to our ancestors, it opens that timeless door making us understand and experience what our ancestors did many years ago. The fact that some pipes can be passed down from generation to generation is also something that fascinates me. Being able to hold a piece of briar or meerschaum in your hands knowing that the same piece was used in the same way but perhaps 100 years ago is to me the closest one can get from time travel! There is also the never ending quest for the perfect pipe and the perfect tobacco (the origin of PAD and TAD)! Last but certainly not least is the camaraderie, the community, that feeling of brotherhood acquired from this one thing that unites us... Great topic, I can't wait to read what others have to say!



Preferred Member
May 5, 2009
Shows and events where I can hang out with other collectors. Building a collection and finding the next pipe to add to it. 8O



Preferred Member
Jul 11, 2014
While I appreciate the pipes, they're just icing on the cake of bountiful varieties of tasty tobaccos.



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2013
An addiction for me, not a hobby, the nicotine you know. Most enjoyable and most savored is the last pipe in the evening.
Not a taster, I have a handful of blends I trust and enjoy. Very infrequently will I sample a new blend as I've found what satisfies me so I no longer have to search.



Preferred Member
Apr 11, 2015
Smoking an evening pipe after a productive day at work. I also enjoy reading tobacco reviews on the interwebs.



Preferred Member
Oct 23, 2014
Ames, IA
Restoring and smoking old pipes. I get immense satisfaction from cleaning up a pipe that's a mess and finding it is a great smoker.



Preferred Member
May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Wow! Great thread, lots of thoughtful replies. AT this moment I agree with everyone- almost! I'll try to whittle my own thoughts down and out in a bit.