What Are Your Other Hobbies?

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Dec 7, 2015
What are some of your other hobbies/ obsessions?

Im a WWII reenactor and living historian.

Im also an amateur (ham) radio operator, callsign ki4mxo

Also play and write music.

Also into Jeeps.
I like to mix my hobbies. When im at a reenactment i tend to smoke my pipe. Nothing like a hard days fighting then a nice, relaxing bowl afterwards.

When im at home listening to some obscure station or ham, ill sit back, let the vaccum tubes warm up and puff away in bliss.

So what are some of y'alls other hobbies/obsessions?



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Aug 9, 2013
Between running a small farm, working as a jewelry artist, and coaching a high school debate team, I really don't have time for other hobbies, besides maybe reading. Is that a hobby?



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Feb 15, 2015
Bullet casting, reloading and firearms. Especially like single action revolvers, shotguns, and lever-action rifles. But have a lot of double-action and semi-auto handguns, and various rifles to boot. The process of smelting lead alloy, casting bullets and reloading the bullets is very therapeutic. As is a pipe and some tobacco.



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Sep 22, 2015
Sunny FL
I'm into fantasy miniature wargames, designer boardgames, and I'm a huge cinephile.
And, yes, reading counts as a hobby. So few people read fiction for pleasure anymore.



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Mar 30, 2014
I'm a compulsive angler, I spend alot of time fishing or thinking about going fishing. I'm particularly fond of river fishing and will happily fish the fly for trout during the evening hatch or spend a quiet morning creeping round the river bank stalking chub with black slugs or even trotting deadbaits with a centrepin for pike; it's all good. Fishing and pipe smoking are a perfect blend of hobbies.
I'm also a pretty keen cyclist and enjoy both mountain biking and road cycling although if pushed I'd say road cycling is my favourite. There's something magical about travelling silently at speed, particularly if it's early morning.



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Aug 9, 2013
I fish and hunt too, but since the river runs through my backyard and the deer are just yards away from the house, I think of it as just harvesting meat instead of a hobby or sport. I always forget about fishing and hunting, but yeh, it's pretty important to my family.



Oct 3, 2014
I inherited part of a large stamp collection some time ago and I like to work on it during the winter evenings when there is not much else to do. The countries I am currently collecting are USA, Great Britain, and Australia. It's an activity that goes well with a pipe.
I've just had two successful seasons growing tobacco in my yard and I think I am going to expand on that and take up gardening in the summer as a hobby. I have a large lot and it could use a little bit of sprucing up.



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Apr 29, 2015
Motorcycles were my hobby for many years. As a single parent and full-time worker, I've neglected them sadly.
Recently my son has begun showing an interest, and I have the Indian (2001, not a classic!) restored and customized to my satisfaction. Now I'm going to start on the Harley. It's a 2003 Heritage Springer, but I really abused it, and it's going to need a LOT of work.
I've always thought of myself as a rider, but I guess I'm a restorer, now.



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Nov 12, 2014
Reading (love collecting leatherbound classics), gardening and bonsai culture, collecting antique razors and scuttles, hiking, tarantulas, and rc helicopters.



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Jun 3, 2015
Philosophy, Writing, Political Commentary, Etymology, Composing Music, Public Speaking/Lectures, and Home Schooling.
I love to read and devour books.



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Oct 21, 2015
Chicago, IL
The two links in my signature are indicative of some of my hobbies.
I dabble in hobbyist photography, though I recently sold all my professional DSLR gear in favor of moving to strictly mobile photography. I just don't have the patience to lug around all that equipment and then spend hours editing anymore.
I also really enjoy discovering, exploring, and consuming new music, especially music that's eclectic or underground. Over the years I've developed tastes and appreciation for just about every type of music you can imagine: rock, folk, blues, jazz, world, electronica, indie, hardcore, metal, ambient, alt-country, pop, industrial, etc. I used to work for a startup that curated personalized playlists for music connoisseurs, so ask me for a recommendation for just about any genre and I'd be delighted to give you a few names. 8)
Beyond all that I also enjoy trying new restaurants (a never-ending quest here in Chicago), gaming on the WiiU, biking, candle-making, and anything social. Oh and a few others and I are in the process of planting a conversation/dinner-based church, but that's a little more than a hobby. :wink:



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Apr 24, 2015
I've had many other hobbies over the years. None that I'm active in currently though except pipes, but I don't really consider it a hobby per se. It's more of a lifestyle enhancement, something I can put down and pick back up again when I feel like it.



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Sep 8, 2014
Moody, AL
Astronomy, astrophotography, occupation of space, food/oxygen/water consumption, and consumption of popular culture. My life is seriously sad.



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Jul 21, 2015
I love to read and devour books.
I don't have hobbies, either. I have things that propel me to be alive and the best I can be. I like to be outside, to read, to dick around with guitars and to antagonize this failure of a society as frequently as possible.



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Nov 17, 2015
Springfield, Mo
My interest are varied; it's bewildering how I've found the time to indulge any of it to a great degree.
Photography, writing, art, music, and film; as well as a passion for all things spirits (liquor, cocktails, beer, wine, etc).
A couple of quick examples of my work:



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Sep 13, 2013
I suppose if one has to have an avocation mine would be my late evening reading. Mentally planning an "H0" gauge railroad, which I'll most likely never build, is another.