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Senior Member
Jan 4, 2010
What do you all happen to smoking today? I have seen " what are you wearing today " posts in the watch forums that I visit at times. Wondering if it would be fun to do something like that here.
I happened to be looking through my pipes this morning, and came across this old friend I have been neglecting for a good while. So I thought I would enjoy it today.

I also happened to bring out some Half and Half that I haven't smoked in ages. So far they have been exactly what I was in the mood for this morning.
This is a big Charatan Executive. I think it's a slightly bent Dublin in shape. A full 6 1/2 in. long, whith a bowl that is almost 2 1/2 in. tall. Charatan certainly wasn't shy about their bowl sizes or shapes. ( I think they must have really irked Dunhill to no end. Lol)

If you would also post a picture of your pipe and tobacco it will be a lot more interesting. We all like to see pictures.



Preferred Member
Jul 13, 2010

I agree with the pics being far and few between in those threads, but it seems that not everyone feels the need to post up pics of the particular pipe they are smoking. I'm in that group but your post has made me re-think this stance. I'm going to try to post pics of the pipes with each post in those threads from now on. The amount I post in those threads is so few that I have no excuse not to.



Preferred Member
Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
I can agree with that. Plus, the links to the tobacco being smoked is hit or miss. I'm guilty of not posting the links all the time, myself, lol.
I'll try to do my part as well.



Senior Member
Nov 20, 2011
Unfortunately we lost our camera over a year ago and have not had a chance to replace it. I don't have a lot of pretty pipes, used to have some beautiful Mark Tinskys but I had to sell them due to my wife's illness. I still have a lot of good smokers, though. The one I am smoking now is a Karl Erik bent bulldog with some Boswell's No Bite Delite.