Vauen Trullerie - straight VA blend

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Jul 27, 2014
Just posted to Tobacco Reviews:
Strength: mild to medium

Flavoring: none

Taste: medium

Room Note: Pleasant
Walked into the local tobacconist and asked them to recommend a good straight VA blend that I hadn't had before and WASN'T a flake. I'm a little tired of fussing around with flakes. They pointed me at Trullerie.
Tin note is very nice, sweetness of the Virginias and a bit of fruit and honey. The tobacco is a ribbon cut and packs and lights easily. It will burn hot if you aren't careful, but I didn't experience any biting. Flavor is consistent throughout the bowl with a nice, natural Virginia sweetness and also a good bit of tanginess. I really like this a lot and for me it comes Close to a perfect Virginia blend. 3.5 stars.



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Oct 21, 2014
I use this instead of Carter Hall or Prince Albert for new pipes, because it burns down to white ash without dottle, and it tastes good. But at a price of 12+ Euros per tin similar to all the Dunhill tins, and with so many other options around, it won't become my staple blend. Very good though, not much left in my tin.