Unusual Re-stem Project (pic heavy)

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Mar 7, 2013
Unusual in that the pipe is a true giant (check the Dunhill Group 4 sitting next to it in the last photo), and its owner gave me license to design the new stem as I saw fit, rather than copy the original (the original was smallish, rounded, and visually overpowered by the bold & aggressive angularity and sheer mass of the stummel... it can also be seen at the end of the photo stream).
Anyway, the rest is self-explanatory. The photos are in chronological sequence, and were taken at the end of each shaping step. They show the full process from start to finish. Sausage-making at its finest. :lol:



Preferred Member
Jul 29, 2014
Wonderful! I am really missing the pipe club meetings that gave me a chance to pick your brain.



Jun 17, 2010
The new stem makes it a whole 'nuther, and better pipe, at least to my eye. Absolutely beautiful work. It's dynamic, bold and powerful, yet sophisticated, and it fits the pipe's aesthetic direction absolutely perfectly. The original looks almost childish in comparison.
Damn, son. Truly superb work in every possible way.
Now, let's talk about that 40 in the foreground. That's my kind of pipe...



Preferred Member
Jan 23, 2015
You nailed it again George. The new stem suits the pipe far better than the original. Well done. That appears to be a massive pipe! :clap:



Preferred Member
Jul 11, 2014
Oh MY! Stem work like this is what separates the artist and the repairman.

Pure sculptured art! The Crescent may become or is it already? your signature touch?

I want to have a pipe stem by you George, one of these days. I just 'won' an auction on ebay that includes a Barling stummel with silver 'military mount' that I'm hoping might become a candidate. If so, I plan to broach the subject with you more formally.

Wow, man. You are really good! Artistic vision and technical expertise like no other.



Preferred Member
Jun 19, 2013
Amazing work as usual. I imagine working on stem this size was a challenge. I love the "Sausage-making at its finest." line.



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May 31, 2012
Beautiful work. I really enjoyed seeing it laid out sequentially. Love the curves!
No doubt, great to see it unfold and I'm left in awe at how the raw rodstock can be transformed into such the graceful form.
I mean,

is it wrong that I get an erection when looking at this?


The complex curves are just too sexy!
Yet the design also maintains a certain muscularity which perfectly pairs with the pipe,

kinda reminds me of something like a Maserati 450S,

a "beautiful brutality" ifya know what I mean?
Extremely elegant and very badass at the same time.
I like how the new stem compliments the shank line, and how that upturned shoulder effortlessly blends to give gentle transition to stem.
Very well done.
Great work!
Thanks for sharing the process,

good to see such stuff.




Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
You never cease to amaze. That stem is truly spectacular. I like the lines and the fluidity of it. I hope that you had fun making it.
This post continues to confirms my belief that it takes much more skill to be a top quality pipe repairman than it takes to be a carver, that anyone wishing to be a great carver ought to learn their craft through apprenticing with a master, like George, and that the best carvers, like Von Erck and Cooke, are those who worked in pipe repair.