Unopened Tins

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Jan 4, 2010
I was in a reminiscent mood tonight, and decided to pick up a brair that I havn't smoked in a long while, along with some tobacco I have had setting around for a few years.

I chose a Castello Sea Rock, and found an unopened tin of Argosy Black that I remember enjoying a number of years ago. I used to smoke a lot of House of Windsor blends.

I liked Country Doctor, and Barking dog, and of course Argosy.

It's the last can I have of this blend, but I would rather smoke it than see it setting around, so I figured this was the night.

I'm not going to try and review this, as others can, and have, done a much better job of it that I can do, but it was just as good as I remembered.
In the process of looking for a tobacco to smoke that I haven't enjoyed in a while, I came across quite a few unopened cans of older blends.

I still have about 6 100gr. tins of Pipe Collectors Club of America, USA Series.

Do any of you remember them? lol.

Some MaCranie's 1983 Red Ribbon, quite a few tins of Rattray's Red Rapparee, Black Mallory, Hal o the Wynd, and Old London. Some Brebbia Reserva International Blends. I remember my favorite of these was their Sonata Blend, ( but I don't have anymore of that).

I even found a couple unopened tins of Craven Mixture. I remember liking that quite a lot. And a tub of Brindley's mixture.
Amazing what you tend to just stick away and forget. I will be happily going through these in the near future. After they're gone, oh well, I guess I will just move into the 21st century, and buy some more up to date blends.
I hope some of you still have some old favorites stashed away, and will just kick back some evening and let your tobacco take you on a backwards journey for a little while, as I have been doing this evening. Happy smoking.



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Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
I've got a couple of tins that I hope I forget about for 8 or 10 years.

I suppose that is the best reason for growing old.



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Jul 30, 2010
Norman, Oklahoma
It must be nice to have so many tins with age on them! You are one lucky man my friend. As for the Castello pipe you have in your picture :worship: I am in love with that pipe! I don't know why, it just sings to me! Enjoy it for me :D



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Jan 5, 2011
I've got a few tins of Two Friend's tucked back to age as well as about a pound of J4 Mild Barley (It just REALLY seems like it'd be better with age).
I'm glad you're getting to take the journey I'm looking forward to in about a decade heh heh. Enjoy it mate.