Unexpected Nirvana Smoke

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Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
OMG. I just finished a complete and unadulterated Nirvana smoke. One and a half hours of blissful tobacco, good nicotine hit, great flavor, pure heaven. The flakes were fold-and-stuff and burned to white ash with almost no effort and only a couple of touch up relights.
What was the tobacco? I can’t believe it myself! It was St. Bruno Flake. It was 2 years old now and just sitting in a jar waiting to be thrown out because I didn’t care for it the one and only time I tried it. Well, damn. It shined today. I love it when that happens; the sneaky Nirvana.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Fantastic! I hope you have many more to come.
My fondest memory of a Nirvana-like experience was smoking some GLP Laurel Hieghts in a brand new (at the time) Nording bent brandy while walking the dogs through some unfamiliar woods. The dogs were being really well behaved, so I let them off leash while I found a large rock to set and smoke. It was fantastic in every way. And, near the end of the bowl, I looked around and had no idea which way I had approached the rock. So, I just loaded the same pipe with the same tobacco and started walking till I came to a road, then a store, where I called my daughter to come and get me, ha ha. That was when I agreed to be chipped, so that I could better enjoy my senility. :puffy:



Preferred Member
May 8, 2017
Sugar Grove, IL, USA
Since returning from Scotland and probably forevermore, whenever I smoke St. Bruno Flake, I remember the friendly old Scot I met walking his dog in the woods while smoking St. Bruno.in his beloved, but decrepit pipe.
Hopefully it's a Nirvana smoke that's repeatable for you, Neal!



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
Great to hear you had a Nirvana smoke. I have been aging my St Bruno since 4/1/2016. It sounds like I should crack a tin and have at it.