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Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2016
I was always told to keep tobacco out of the sunlight, so I can't see how shipping in a clear jar is condusive to that. Yes, I store tobacco in clear jars, but away from sunlight.
Seems like it would add a shipping cost as well, as the glass jar is heavier than a metal tin.



Preferred Member
Feb 27, 2015
Repackaged bulk, I suppose. Unless India has some sort of packaging restriction...probably just this guy’s entrepreneurial spirit.



Preferred Member
Oct 20, 2010
My first thought is that if it drops, it is a total loss. I would not try to salvage loose tobacco with a sprinkling of broken glass.



Preferred Member
@Davy Jones The importer is one of the biggest in India and the ONLY one still buying pipe tobacco for Indian Customers. With the recent changes in mail law, I am not literally smuggling pipe tobacco to India. My guess is that the tobacco came from Germany in bulk and was repackaged in India. The company is also STG's official importer for India so his reputation is impeccable. Only thing is that his pipe tobacco knowledge is limited as the main import for India seems to be either cigars/snus/sheesha tobacco/chewing tobacco etc.
@winton yeah that was exactly my thought, but it would be replaced if the jars broken in transit. Also it saves me a few bucks when it comes to glass jars.
@3rdguy the jars are cheaper but quite airtight.