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Dec 20, 2011
I picked up a couple of GBD estates last week. I have never tried them before, that and the price is what made me give in and get them.
First up is this 1353 shape, I would guess it is in the saucer family, any one knowing more feel free to share. It smokes very nice and only needed a minimum of cleaning up. Paid $15

Next is a Pot shape marked Century & 9493. I have never tried a Pot shape before. This smokes GREAT! I don't know if it's due to the shape or the fact that it is has a very open draw. I don't know what the average airway size is but I am able to pass a 5/32 drill bit through it with ease. This one was a bit gunky and required a good cleaning and reaming. Very happy with both but I love this one. Price $10



Staff member
May 11, 2011
I love both of those, particuarly that wide stem on the Dublin Apple (see below).
1353 is a "Dublin Apple" and 9343 is indeed a "Pot".
Both very nice!