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Feb 21, 2013
One of the most common threads on Forums are the requests for recommendations for blends and single leaf. People always name what comes to mind. But if you are really interested in what they're smoking, the "What Are You Smoking" thread is a real glimpse into member's smoking habits. Not everyone posts or reads the thread, but a wide swath of members do. Plus jiminks posts almost hour-to-hour, and is one of the most experienced and engaged pipe smokers on Forums, so you learn a lot just keeping up with him. I'd suggest everyone take a look at the thread at least near the end of each month. Even scanning just thirty of forty of the often hundreds of posts will give you an idea of popular blends, trends, and new ideas. I visit it at least weekly and post there regularly with my moderate number of bowls. I don't post everything, but I'd say well over half of what I pack. Give it a try if you are not a reader of the thread. It may start out as a bit of a yawner, but once you get in the habit, you may see the narrative and drama.



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Feb 11, 2016
You’re rights the WAYS thread can help push me in a general direction if I’m in a fickle mood and can’t pick out what I want to smoke. I also enjoy participating but I don’t post in this one much because I just don’t like the process of uploading photos here and I prefer posts to have images in that thread, it can be much more appealing. Hopefully when they upgrade the software I’ll find it more appealing to post my smokes here but for now I just post my smokes in the PSD forum WAYS thread when I can.