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Preferred Member
Jan 14, 2012
You don't have to have the fine Artisan pipes to enjoy our hobby. It's just fire in the hole. Learn the craft and down the road you will aquire better, but it's all the same, technique and taste . A little story, when I was young I could shoot the eye out a qnat at 50 paces, we has Eastners come down with their fancy clothes and guns to duck hunt. Sometimes the spillover was quite large and they would call my Grandfathers house for me to help guide. My old 12 gauge full choke Winchester and beat up clothes had killed many ducks. I would go and sometimes break ice to set the decoys, it was hard to see them shoot and I couldn't. Did that deter me No, I knew what I could do, do not be ashamed in your equipment, enjoy what you have, it all does the same. Practice and down the road you will get better and you will enjoy it better. My Grandfather used to say to me in French. That Duck don't know if he was killed with a fancy gun, just like that tobbaco doesn't know'if it's smoked in a fancy pipe. I cherish all my pipes and you should too. Be Happy with what you have in life and it will be fuller.



Sep 26, 2011
Lower Hudson Valley, NY
My sentiments exactly, Ol' Cajun! I use some pretty scrappy equipment and enjoy it all the same. I have learned so much in the time I have been smoking, esp from these forums, and my guess is that I will never stop learning. That's the fun of it for me.



Preferred Member
Nov 5, 2009
just like that tobbaco doesn't know'if it's smoked in a fancy pipe. I cherish all my pipes and you should too. Be Happy with what you have in life and it will be fuller.
Very good words there, thanks for sharing.



Junior Member
Oct 23, 2013
That is very well put but I'm afraid it only works in theory. The sickness that is PAD and TAD seems to run deep in many of us.



Preferred Member
Aug 10, 2010
Cheshire, CT
Brad, you're right on target, as usual. I get as much pleasure out of my corn cobs as I do out of my dunhills. Do they taste the same? No, but the question was about pleasure, not taste. The only way to have a pipe that tastes the same is to have one pipe, and smoke it repeatedly, allowing time for it to cool, dry and rest. I have about 100 pipes, and they don't taste the same, but they all afford pleasure. Some of them are pricy, while others are more in the economy line, but all have earned a place on the shelf by virtue of the smoke they provide. As someone noted a few days ago, if you want accurate time, buy a Casio. Uner $100, and it will be accurate within seconds a month--far more accurate than a Rolex. On the other hand, if you want a nice piece of jewelry to place on your wrist, one that will give you the time to within a few minutes every month, there are many options, with prices ranging into the astronomical. But--and here's the biggie: they will not be as accurate as your Casio, and there are some solid engineering reasons for that. Do you want a great smoke? You can do that for a reasonable price. Do yo want to smoke a handmade work of art? Be prepared to pay for it, but the difference in taste will be marginal, if it exists at all.



Jan 4, 2013
Bradley, thanks for the post. That is exactly how I was raised. We didn't have much, but we did much with what we had. We fixed our own cars, fixed up our own house, shot our own food with old shotguns and rifles that would make the city boys laugh, etc. My dad used to say that if you can shoot a squirrel or rabbit with these, then you could do it with your eyes closed with one of those fancy guns. I think it made me a better marksman and a better hunter. Even today with some of the better guns I've come to acquire, I still prefer the old trusty beat up shotgun I used as a kid to my new ones.
And although I've not been back into pipe smoking for all that long, I still prefer the old ones (either that I got cheaply or estates) over some of these fancy looking and high-priced ones. I guess it all comes down to being content with what you have, not what everyone else has.
Thanks for the reminder. :puffy: