Tiny TAD Strike

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Oct 20, 2014
Last night while giving my pipes a cleaning I noticed that I would soon be in need of more pipe cleaners. So on to P&C I went looking for said pipe cleaners, and because base shipping is $4 for me I figured that I might as well throw a tin into my shopping cart. So sometime next week my pipe cleaners and a tin of McCelland Yenidje Highlander will be showing up at my house. Its funny how those tins have a way of just jumping into my cart.



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Nov 12, 2014
Springfield MO
I thought similar during last weeks SP purchase. After choosing my bakky, I hopped over to the Accessories to see what other tidbits I could add in..and I saw the cheap plastic folding pipe holders. I picked up 10, and that pushed my bill to just over $95, scoring me free shipping. I figure I will have one on my desk at work, and a couple in my pipe case, and then the rest on my pipe mantle.