Thermodynamics of Pipe-Smoking

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Aug 2, 2011
Houston TX
Very interesting. I will start accepting the offered boxes at the B&M. It makes a lot of sense that lighting and relighting with a hi-temp lighter introduces new tastes for a minute or more depending on how evenly you try to get the ember. Oh well...another variable that means all of your reviews are likely skewed so I have no choice but to buy a sample of all blends and all pipe shapes that could make a difference. I will explain this to she who holds the accounts. Wish me luck.
I looked but have not yet found the temperature of a zippo flame. Anybody know that?



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Aug 30, 2011
I get what he's saying, and relighting is a small part of a bowl, the habitual overheating by overpuffing seems to me a larger part of the taste equation.



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Jan 7, 2012
Montréal, Canada
Great read! Science is great. But complex. It's amazing how things get complicated when you start reading and doing the research. If any if you have read my recent pipe mud and pipe cement thread you know what I'm talking about. I remember when I decided to try smoking a pipe I figured you just shove the tobacco in and light it and that's the end of that. Yeah right haha. Anyways, this must be kept in mind when reading any kind of pipe or tobacco review. And when writing one! To write a good review you have to provide every detail of how you smoked.